Stair case LED




LED stair display, a contemporary way to reinvent your Stair Cases

As we create various LED screen designs, at Street Co’, we also find innovative ways to enhance the urban environment; such as LED stair cases.

Our team will manage to find the screen type that suits the best your project, with the best resolution possible. Those LED stairs will attract people and you will see the number of customers increase rapidly. This support is a good solution to enhance, broadcast commercials or just communicate on upcoming events and products.



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LED escalier stairs

Staircase LED projects



LED display on stairs Parc Plaza Shat’in

Here are various images of our 180sqm LED display on staircase install in Parc Plaza Shat’in in Hong Kong.

The staircase enables shopper ground level to 1st level. The LED staircase is divided into two separate LED stair display.

Our LED staircases are the ideal solution to capturing the attention of passerby.



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Stair LED video Apple Regent Street iPod touch

Mock up for the stairs Apple Regent street.
By STREET COMMUNICATION specialist of process installing LED screen video on stair.
Any question : or e-mail



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LED stairs Ipodtouch

Zoom LED stair display


What You Should Know About LED Stairs Before Buying One

LED stairs lights lighting are both eye-catching and efficient, as they light up stairways, routes, and halls, in outside and inside applications. Phase lighting are globally amazing, but there are so many types of step lighting, we realized we would help explain your options in order to help you make an advised decision for your home, lawn, or other space.



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Architectural LED staircase indoor Pitch 7mm for ‘Lido theatre and cabaret’ Champs Elysee – Paris

Franco Dragone has requested Street Communication to design, produce, install and maintain a 16 steps LED staircase.

Street communication is specialized on the design, production and installation of LED stair display indoor and outdoor from Pitch 1.9mm to 12mm outdoor. Street Co can design any custom made LED screen with any size and shape. We have a team of structural and LED engineers to come up with all calculation engineering drawings.


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LED staircase LIDO


Stairs Videtron shop

One of our best stair project.
We love it !


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LED screen on stairs

escalier LED installationStreet Communication gives you a software to control the screens via wifi or internet, depending on the distance between you and the stairs. Hardware Securities are implemented to prevent intrusion.

Street Communication works with you during the whole project and we guarantee:


  • A technical review (made by our audiovisual team)
  • The production
  • The installation
  • A warranty and maintenance of all your LED screens


Video LED full colors HD on stairs

stage near LEDEach screen is equipped with auto-regulated cooling system.

It will help you save energy when the screen is sleeping or if the general temperature of the place is really low. The electronic hardware is protected by an inverter that allows the system to put itself to sleep automatically in case there is a electric incident. As soon as the problem is fixed, it will wake up automatically.




The screens are made in a specific protection and an acrylic glass windows is added on top of it for more safety.

LED staircase: areas of application

    LED screen stairs: where are they usually installed?