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Slip Sliding Away – Sliding LED Screens

Space is the ultimate commodity in urbanised business districts where every inch that a brand occupies adds to the value of the brand. The fact that brands compete against each other to capture the attention of those with the right level of purchasing power is a critical success factor for brands that target consumer segments within large cities. This, however, depends on the ability of businesses to capture vantage points on media advertising locations. Advertising space is congested and due to this, it is critical for businesses to choose the right type of media format. This write-up will introduce LED products of various types with particular focus on the landscape LED sliding screen which stand apart from conventional types of indoor displays or traditional billboards which require large spaces and limit what can be displayed or projected. The landscape sliding LED display screens have more to offer even though these products use much less space than traditional billboards or indoor displays. Before moving on to the LED sliding screen or dual LED screens as they are sometimes referred to as it would be a good idea to first get acquainted with LED products and their technical elements to truly appreciate the dual-LED sliding screens

Technical Take on LED Technology

LED as most of us already know stands for light-emitting diode, LED when compared to traditional lighting, produce and function at a 90% higher efficiency than conventional incandescent light sources. The LED light is produced when an electrical current is sent through a microchip which illuminates producing visible light. To manage heat and performance issues the LEDs a fitted to heat sinks that absorb and dissipate the heat. Nowadays LEDs have been effectively integrated into a variety of bulbs

or fixtures for common lighting applications or high end LED screens. This is possible simply because they are small in size which provides a multitude of unique design opportunities. LEDs are so flexible that most of the media vectors used for advertising and promotional efforts are LED-based solutions. The common colour spectrums of LED lights are amber, red, green, and blue and white light is produced covering them with phosphor materials that can convert them into “white” light.

Advantages of LED

Among the most notable advantages of using LEDs is the lifespan of LEDs that average between 50,000 to 100,000 operating hours. This means that LED products last between 2 to 4 times longer than products that use other types of lighting. In other words, LED products actually require less frequent replacement which means lower maintenance costs or rather just ‘low cost’ in the long term. Other aspects that make LED-based products such as display screens is the fact that they are extremely energy efficient (luminous efficacy or useful lumens) and save up to 60-75% energy compared to conventional screens. Safety is also another LED element that is quite often overlooked. The fact is that LEDs operate efficiently on low-voltage systems and thus are in general much safer in case things go wrong.

The tremendous design flexibility of LED is among the reason as to why products such as the interactive LED sliding screens which are used as indoor media advertising displays can be created. These indoor media display screens are robust, cost-effective and easy to maintain despite their screen body movement capability. These screens consist of two layers of LED screens, with a bigger screen attached to a slightly smaller LED screen that is mobile (moveable) in front of the bigger LED screen. These interactive screens could also be made to be interactive and are programmable as they can move according to a preset time. This makes it possible for media displays at a single location to play or project information to different sets of people at different times.

LED Sliding Screens by Street Communication

LED sliding screens are just another innovation thought up by leading industry players such as Street Communication. Companies such as these are entirely dependent on being innovative as it is due to this that they can deliver services that are beyond the expectations of clients. No matter what their client’s request, Street Communication has a team of tech wizards who are able to whip up LED solutions for their clients effortlessly. Another factor that makes this company a preferred service provider for some of the biggest corporations on the planet (which includes, Adidas, Volkswagen, Printemps and others) is their unmatched creativity. The competitive advantage that this company has comes from their competency from both technical and creative aspects with a stellar level of after-sales service to boot.

Wrap Up

Dual LED screens fit the adage ‘two is better than one’ perfectly. These units are able to deliver a wider scope of audiences with more information. From any perspective, they are the perfect solution for indoor advertising initiatives especially when ROI on ‘space’ is a matter of revenue. The fact that these are interactive LED displays, make them even interesting to those passing by. It does not only allow businesses to promote more with less ‘promotional space’, but they are also extremely mobile and could be moved about rather easily. Dual interactive LED display screens are perfect solutions for malls, airports, arcades or even in-store displays. Interactive indoor LED screens are most suitable for businesses/ stores within malls and shopping complexes as space utilisation is a critical success factor for these businesses. According to those in Street Communication, these interactive dual LED displays are among the fastest moving products within their product portfolio mainly because of the 10 primary characteristics listed below:

1. Robust systems
2. They are mobile
3. Easy to maintain
4. Cost-effective
5. May be used for the generation of auxiliary income for businesses
6. Take up less space

7. Easy to configure
8. Installation is simple
9. Neat and aesthetically appealing

10. Low energy consumption
11. Wider scope of information covered from a single location
12. Rentals are available for special events

Based on the above it is evident as to why the sales reps at Street Communication indicate that the dual LED screens are among the fastest moving products in their product portfolio – normally they adage goes “killing two birds with one stone’, but in the case of the interactive LED dual screens, it is killing 12 birds with a single ‘dual stone’”

At Street Communication we take care of

⇒ Create your project management

⇒ Search for a solution together

⇒ Visit your site

⇒ Propose the better product for your need

⇒ Prototype your project

⇒ Estimate a budget

⇒ Engineering (Map 3D, drawing, plans,…)

⇒ Ensure the transport

⇒ Propose some content

⇒ Propose some options

⇒ Follow the maintenance of your project

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