Showroom Extravaganza: The Magical World of LED Lighting!

    If Superman decided to fly through space just for fun, what would he see? He would bear witness to the untouched beauty of the constellation as he races through the Milky Way towards Andromeda. From vibrantly coloured gasses and planets of various shapes, sizes and hues to the remnants of supernovas against a black infinite backdrop dotted with stars that would spellbind him. Well, the good news is that we do not have to be Superman flying through space and risk being hit by a ‘Kryptonite filled’ asteroid streaking across the stars! One could choose to simply walk into Street Communication’s LED light showroom located at 11, Rue De l’Aqueduc in Paris.





    The creative effects and splendour of LED lights on display in this showroom are just incredible. It could be deemed the ‘Magnum Opus’ of showrooms in Paris, perhaps even in the world. This is because there is nothing like it anywhere else.

    Everything and anything that is possible with LED lights are presented in this showroom. From the flexibility, versatility and usefulness of LED lights to their practicality, it is all in this one showroom.


    Have you seen the octopus?
    Have you seen the octopus?

    Products on Display

    Creative, Versatile, Flexible

    The array of products on display in the showroom and configurations were overwhelming as they had LED displays for floors, ceilings and columns. The use of different pitch pixels for different show units was integral to the attraction. 5.2mm pixel pitch visuals made floors come alive and 2.6mm pixel pitch arches transported visitors to another realm altogether. Visitors actually feel as though they are walking through space or even on water depending on the visuals.

    Some of these LED display floors are interactive causing responses to the touch of footsteps which make them mesmerising. All the showpieces were captivating due to their flexibility regardless of the pixel pitch ranging from 2.6mm to 5.2mm.

    Attractive, Unique

    These arch designs are attachable or constructible into any given area or space irrespective of size, shape or curvature. Arch LED display constructs especially make it evident of just how flexible these LED light displays could really be.

    Besides the floor and Arch LED showpieces in the showroom, the column and ceiling LED display pieces were equally interesting. As a matter of fact, the column and ceiling pieces were incredibly artistic,to say the least. Even the column LED displays could be fitted on just about any shaped column structure, be it square, cylinder or triangular.

    The LED display units seem to be practically crafted into these columns meticulously that would have required one to possess the patience of a saint!

    Interactive LED Floor – LED Light

    Pitch pixel range for the columns vary, one of the columns using a pitch pixel size of 3 was still remarkable when viewed from a close distance as was the column using pitch pixel size 4. However, the column using the pitch pixel size 6 was more suited for viewing from a greater distance. Street Communication covered all the bases in its showroom without a doubt! Even the ceiling pieces felt real, with visuals of clouds, the night sky and others even with a pixel pitch size of 3.9, the resolution was simply incredible.

    Other showpieces worth mentioning and worth the trip to this showroom at 11, Rue De l’Aqueduc in Paris is the adhesive led Inglass (adhesive LED light units integrated on the windows) pieces.

    It looks like stickers and ‘spray based artwork’ on glass windows is set to retire because of these adhesive LED lights.

    Floor & Ceiling

    More is More

    They are just so much more interesting, colourful, no limits to designs and affordable depending on the configuration.

    Décor on glass walls or windows have always been about attracting visitors and these adhesive LED units do more than just attract, they mesmerise.

    Worth the Visit!

    Technical Elements

    Key Facts

    It is simply fun to visit this particular showroom and not just for kids, but also adults as it is like walking into a carnival of lights or even another dimension.

    The showroom is unique in every way as it is interactive where it needs to be and has adequate variety. If at all there was a word or phrase to describe the showroom, that word or phrase would be ‘totally breath-taking’, breath-taking to a point that it would even impress a first date.

    Showrooms are a dime a dozen, but some showrooms stand out above the rest and this is one such showroom without a doubt. In a nutshell, this showroom could be rated as a tourist destination and it would pass with flying colours literally.

    As for business owners who need that little extra attention to attract customers from the streets, this would be the perfect place to find a suitable and practical solution!

    Technical terms


    Column 3D animation – Street Communication Showroom – See what is inside the showroom thanks to this 3D construction – LED Column, LED stairs, LED arch

    The technical aspects of the showpieces in the showroom were as varied as the display units themselves. Although the pixel pitch sizes ranged from 1.0 mm right up to 6.0 mm, most of these displays are connected to a PC via DVI (Synchronous Display as controllers).

    The graphic controller cards also varied according to resolution needs as did the visuals, every part in the entire ‘value chain’ was integral to the final showpieces.

    Technical elements are usually dependent on budgets based on the versatility of LED display units. It is a fact that some configuration cost more than others; however, one fact remains constant in the scheme of things and that is the quality of work and LED display screens only because it comes from a company such as Street Communication.

    Witnessing their products first hand at their showroom gives potential customers an idea of what could be practical for their purpose based on their budgets and the options are limitless.

    This is simply due to the fact that almost every aspect of LED display screens or unit is configurable for specific reasons or for specific budgets.

    Size, shape, curvature, resolution, surface type, design, placement, artwork, just name it and configurations are available.

    It is evident that quality compromise is not an option for this company!


    Floor: pixel pitch 5.2


    The screen was composed by

    • Pixel Pitch (mm): 5.2
    • Module Size (mm) 250×250
    • Module Resolution 48×48
      • Cabinet Size (W x H x T) : 500x500x84
      • Cabinet Resolution (WxH) 96×96
      • Weight (kg/pcs) 13
      • Refresh Rate (Hz) : 960-3840
      • Gray scale (Bit): 14
      • Viewing Angle (H/V) : 140″/140″
      • Led Brand Nationstar
      • High precision
      • Easy maintenance


      • Innovative masl design
      • High realibility
      • Waterproof
        • Interactive effect
        • Outdoor use

        Discover more about LED interactive for Floor

        More Interactive Floor LED


        Adhesive LED Inglass: 3.6


        The screen was composed by

        • Pixel Pitch (mm): 3.6
        • Module Size (mm) 480×24
        • Transparency: 50%
          • Suitable viewing distance : 4
          • Weight (kg/pcs) 1 – 3
          • Refresh Rate (Hz) : 1920
          • Brightness (Bit): 5200 – 9000
          • Viewing Angle (H/V) : 160″/160″
          • Led Brand Nationstar
          • High precision
          • Easy maintenance


          • Power cons : Max Power – 1450 ,Average Power – 500
          • Waterproof
            • Outdoor use

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            Arch design : flexible 2.6


            The screen was composed by

            • Pixel Pitch (mm): 2.6
            • Module Size (mm) 250×125
            • Module Resolution: 96×48
              • Cabinet Resolution : 288×244
              • Cabinet Size : 750×375
              • Weight (kg/pcs) 7 / Cabinet
              • Refresh Rate (Hz) : 1920
              • Brightness : 1000 cds/m2
              • Viewing Angle (H/V) : 140″/140″
              • Gray scale : 16 bits
              • High precision
              • Easy maintenance


              • Power cons : Max Power – 625 ,Average Power – 250
              • Waterproof
                • Outdoor use

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                Other things you can see in our showroom

                Another product you can find in the showroom

                Transparent LCD : real use

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