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Shiseido – Indoor Double sided Transparent

Shiseido - Indoor Double sided Transparent


Indoor Double sided Transparent

Client : Tour Montparnasse

End of 2022 StreetCo’ was contracted by Shiseido to work on a very special double sided transparent slim LED screen.
This project was done in collaboration with the Studio KPM International who designed and produced the wooden desk in which the screen will be integrated and the brand’s products showcased on it.

In 1872, Shiseido opened its doors in Ginza, Tokyo. The family business that started out as Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy transformed into a global beauty giant that currently operates in approximately 120 countries and regions around the world. Shiseido’s history and tradition is characterized by a long string of innovations and category firsts that have repeatedly set new standards and whose effects have rippled across the entire beauty industry. 150 years later, their commitment to innovation is as steadfast as ever.

Context / environment : LED Wall for the Montparnasse tower

The brand Shiseido is, without any surprises present in most Airports duty free shops. This unique project was for their shop at CDG Airport (Paris, France) where they have enough space to play with innovative ideas.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport also known as Roissy Airport or simply Paris CDG, is the principal airport serving the French capital, Paris (and its metropolitan area), and the largest international airport in France.

Charles de Gaulle Airport serves as the principal hub for Air France.

In 2022, the airport handled 57,474,033 passengers and 34,657 aircraft movements, thus making it the world’s ninth busiest airport and Europe’s third busiest airport (after Istanbul and Heathrow) in terms of passenger numbers. Charles de Gaulle is also the busiest airport within the European Union.

The brand Shiseido wanted to innovate, as they always do brilliantly and enquired for a very special custom double sided transparent adhesive LED screen.
They want something of a reasonable size but efficient.

Shiseido’s project managers were able to test the different products they were considering directly in our Paris office and were able to quickly take a decision on the required screen specifications (resolution, thickness, transparency).

Since Street Communication is a leader in custom uncommon screens, without any struggle we designed and product/solution that ended up being validated by the client.

Solution to install a Indoor Double sided Transparent

The idea was to have a screen in the middle of a high-end designed desk to display videos and at the same time showcasing the brand’s products.

The final solution was a screen of 1400mmHx760mmL using double sided Transparent Adhesive LED panels P6.5.

This solution has 50% transparency which enables some visibility and makes the entire installation lighter to look at.

Moreover it doesn’t obstruct the visibility on other brands’ products behind it wherever you stand.

For this small custom screen we decided to use a TB3 video processor to run the screen. It’s a WIFI/4G easy to use remote control video processor. This type of video processor enables you to simply connect with your phone or computer remotely to update the videos and the settings of the screen.

After production the screen was shipped in germany to KPM-International to test the integration in their designed structure. The designed of the desk enabled us to integrate all the accessories in the wooden furniture it-self so that nobody can see any of the material used to run the screen. This enables a neat end result.

Project Lead Time: 3 months

1.5 months for production and 1.5 months for transportation.

Engineering of Indoor Double sided Transparent

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution of Indoor LED Wall

Materials and product specifications for LED screen:

    • Transparent Adhesive P6.5
    • Light sensor
    • Brightness 5500 nits
    • Refresh rate 1920hz
    • 1 main power cable
    • 1 main signal cable
    • 2 power supplies
    • 2 receiving cards
    • Aluminium cabinet
    • KPM-International wooden structure
    • Screen size: 1.4mx0.76m (1,064m2 total)
    • Screen resolution: 215×116
    • 3 double sided modules

Challenge to be eye-catching

The first challenge here was to be able to communicate with the visitors/travelers in the aiport after they passes security and catch their attention on Shiseido’s new product. We needed to optimize the space with a transparent screen that wouldn’t obstruct the rest of the shops. The screen had to remain small and transparent.

Transparent Adhesive LED panels are usually 3.5mm thick, here we had to design a solution that would enable double sided display with maximum 8mm in thickness, a solution that StreetCo has successfully managed to bring to life, like many other custom projects in the past.

The second challenge here was to integrate the screen in the desk’s frame so that no accessories (cables, power supplies, receiving cards) could be seen by the client

Impact : Indoor Double sided Transparent

This custom screen will be used to attract the travelers towards Shiseido’s products that are showcased on the desk itself in addition to the content displayed on both sides of the screen standing in the middle.

The visual impact is neat and we can only imagine new or current clients of Shiseido stopping in front of this innovative digital communication set-up.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date : 2023

  • Location : Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Paris
    Status : COMPLETED

    • Client : Shisheido

  • Team : Street Co’ FR + Shenzhen Offices

Quality Control of Indoor Double sided Transparent

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