An integrated process Under a single roof
Content interactive scenography
Content interactive scenography

Here are the typical steps that you could benefit while having a project with Street Co’:

Our sales engineers team will propose various options to inspire and provide a numerous variant of similar project with all latest technology to ensure customer has as many options as possible prior making choice.

Our pricing specialist team works with 100+ factory with an extensive sourcing experience. We will provide numerous pricing options that will varies according

  • LED brand’s name
  • Refresh rate
  • Driver IC brand
  • PCB Diode connexion (Silver, Copper, golden)
  • Lifetime
  • Factory assembly

The objective here is to provide a palette of pricing option that can cover allbudget from low to high.

-To oversee any potential local challenges to install the screen

-Find the best location to install the LED screen

-Validation of Screen dimension

-Validation of the support structure according the subtract: concrete – brick – gypsum etc)

– A strong team of design, structural, mechanical and technical engineers
combined with a vast experience means we can offer a design that not
compliment any environment, but also aesthetically challenging structures that complying with the contry’s Regulation.

-We will provide

  • Detailed DWG of attaching system and support structure
  • Calculation
  • List of material

Electrical diagram: Our electrical engineering services can provide full system designs, groundworks and fully certified installations. Specialising in LED Displays. We can also replace, rewire, test and inspect all currect LED display installations.

Data Networking / Control room: We offer a turnkey solution for the design, installation and support of data networks for any system your display system may need.

Whether Fiber or Copper, WiFi or GSM connectivity we can install the infrastucture needed.

Street Co’ doesn’t produce the LED’s however we have an extensive experience on knowing which product / supplier fit the best for the solution / budget.

Our mission:

Is to inspire customer to help them designing the best LED display solution that will fit best:
– In-budget
– environment
Create customer-driven solutions and provide a world class service and after sales..

When we work with custom solutions our LED engineers’ team will design and develop the product PCB then send to production to one of our suppliers in Shenzhen but oversee and managed by our Street Co’ office in Shenzhen. We are all driven by quality and efficiency. Products will then be completely tested when we assemble them in our offices locally.

We have a strict quality control.

To and from site, any size, anywhere. Sea or air Freight.

-Your project manager will coordinate the installation of your digital screen We have a highly skilled and experienced team of installer either in-house team of through our network of partners, you will be in safe hands.

-We have a team of highly qualified technicians who install all our LED solutions. Once the installation is complete, they test the LED solution and train you on its use and maintenance.

  • Installation of: sending card – processor – sensors cabling
  • Configuration of the system to set video mapping
  • Setup and pushing video Content

– After our installation team would have finished testing. We will train your team on both Software and hardware they will make sure you have all the basic knowledge to switch on/off your screen. Perform small maintenance: replacing receiving cards, modules, power supply and cabling

– Set up screen automatically at different time of the day/night training on the operating system. A training manual and tutorial videos will be sent for reference.

– You will also have an extensive training on the content management software you will choose and the mapping of your screen.

– Several packages are available for maintenance Our Service level agreements (SLAs) options ensure you get best support from your screens’ lifespan, giving superior visual performance and longevity.

– Hotline – remote support available 24/7 with express onsite support (Less than 2
hours) For the more demanding industries or

Hotline – remote support available 24/5 with onsite support from half day to 5

– We will provide support remotely and if the request requires onsite maintenance, we will send technician within 12hour to 5 days according your maintenance contract.

– According the maintenance package you will choose you will have a technician available

– Knowing that you and your products are at the forefront of our company’s mindset our after-sales service is key for our customer loyalty rate. We offer
world class warranty programs with minimum 3 years completely free (Can be extended to 7 years max) full support and service that give you peace of mind in
your choice to choose Street Co’.

– We advise customer to purchase 5 to 10% extra modules to ensure having enough spare parts to cover 3-5 years maintenance.

– In case of failure, part of the warranty program we will then replace or changeany component for free.

– We also have a team of engineer which is able to:

  • Repair Replacement of failed electronic component
  • Service Connectivity problem with the LED module
  • Dead pixel or failed module
  • Calibration or colour problem
  • Receiving card or sending card failure
  • Cabling, hub issue
  • Maintain
  • Everything we sell.

Investing in big LED screen is useless without a fabulous/impressive video content made for it. Either static or interactive contact Street Co’s studio which
is specialize in content design for LED screen. Our team has the hardware expertise combine to a understanding of the graphical digital media aspect allow to create a unique content made specially for your screen.

Client and Team Integration Management You can choose decide either you want us to do everything or we can do only what you need.

We’ve Been Building
For Over
10 Years

A wealth of experience and knowledge of build, construction and integration within the LED display has given us a competitive edge in all aspects needed to deliver athe highest quality project within budget and on time.

Display screen fully transparent LED facade building

Creative Leadership

Street Co’strives to help people create. Your creativity should not be limited by the products available, and Street Co’is dedicated to creating custom solutions that fit your needs no matter the size of your job.


We strive to offer products and services for virtually any and all applications where LED video display needs arise. Having a one stop shop, can help alleviate the need for multiple vendors and give you one central source for all of your video display deployments.

We strive to offer

– creative solutions
– Reliable products
– dependable service for our industry-leading LED display technologies.
– Working directly with architects, designers, engineers and consultants, Street Co’
operates as a design/deployment partner for some of the most creative and innovative
visual projects.

Where can we provide our serviCes?

We strive to offer products and services for virtually any and all applications where LED video display needs arise. Having a one stop shop, can help alleviate the need for multiple vendors and give you one central source for all of your video display deployments.

P5.9 interactive dance floor in our showroom with module led colorful
LED arch design

ABOUT street Co’

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We are able to execute the complete construction and design service taking concept tocompletion. Working closely with our customers we build a strong relationship to ensure the completed project will meet or exceed all expectaions.

Starting with a full site survey from our qualified structural engineer, we then produce detailed structural drawings for customer approval.

Whilst paying full attention to the site surroundings and being sensitive to the localenvironment, we can then design the perfect structure.

Having decade of experience on all display systems in the market we are able to fully implement and commissions not only LED Displays supplied by us, but also those supplied by

LED Display + Build & Installation

Global installation and integration services for both indoor and outdoor LED display systems.


21 Production Vendors 501 Displays Installed 700 Yearly Live Productions 30,000 LED Tiles 491,520,000 Pixels Sold.​


Our LED screens are made in Shenzhen – china via our local Chinese office they are then - Either assembled locally - Or sent ready to be installed.