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Street Communication is specialized for several years in the rental and sale of giant screens. Our expertise in the field of events, allows us to work and propose a complete offer as well as a technical support of quality. We have the expertise and the equipment necessary to carry out your projects successfully.

We offer and install indoor and outdoor LED screens, flexible, floor LED, touch screen for internal and external events. Street Communication takes care of your entire project from installation to the creation of content and digital environment that will highlight your event.

Thanks to these giant LED screens, you can :

  • Broadcast informative, educational or entertaining messages
  • Provide a powerful visual experience
  • Revive your past events or promote your future events
  • Give a modern, dynamic and innovative image.


You will also be able to choose the size of your screen, to broadcast original content and to share information useful to the smooth running of your event.
You will have an infinity of possibilities, allowing you to create content with the effects of your choice. We have a team of creative 3D at your disposal.

You are organizing a professional or private event soon?
Street communication accompanies you and adapts to all your events:

  • exhibitions
  • concerts
  • festival
  • sports event etc.

To promote an event internally or broadcast it to the general public, video is the perfect format and a great asset.
By choosing the installation of a giant high definition LED screen, you will bring a modern and digital touch, sublimate your events and impress your guests. We can couple this with high technology LED lighting and provide you with a complete quality installation.


FLOOR LED screen

The interactive floor LED is a very intuitive and effective projection solution because it allows to interact with the content. It allows you to attract the attention of visitors and make your event more digital and innovative. It will be possible to customize the graphics and content of your choice, or even to propose fun and educational games. From 500×500 to 1000×500, several sizes of LED screen cabinets are available. It is also possible to adjust the supports from 20 to 30 min (small support), or 75 to 91 min (large support).

  • Pitch 4.9
  • Dimension: Custom made, cabinet 500mmx500mm
  • 75m2
  • Resolution: Custom
  • Average price 50 / m2 / day
AstroWalk floor interactive led display
FLEXible led screen
LED Light Arch

The led light arch impressive by its size is an opportunity to spread your messages originally to your audience.

  • Pitch 2.6
  • H: 500mm x Diametre: 3.5m
  • W1153xH288 px
  • From 600 / day
FLEXible led screen
cylinder LED display

The LED cylinder screen can provide a perfect 360-degree view display, creating a realistic 3D effect. No size limitations. It can play hight definition videos and diffuse diferents effect.

  • Pitch 2.6
  • H: 500mm x Diametre: 3.5m
  • W1153xH288 px
  • From 600 / Jour
Parametric purple led tunnel
FLEXible led screen
Parametric LED Tunnel
  • Pitch 4
  • Dimensions: Custom made, cabinet 500mmx500mm
  • Indoor/ Indoor
  • Resolution: Custom
  • Average price: 250 / m2 / day
FLEXible led screen
Mesh Arch LED
  • Pitch 40
  • Size: 4.16 m(W)x 2.24 m(H) = 9.3184 m² (X2)
  • Resolution: Custom à confirmer
  • From 150e / m2 / jour
ustorm led cover
outdoor LED screen

With a customizable shape and size, this product offers an excellent ventilation system, water evacuation, a brightness that can reach up to 10,000 nits with high brightness lamps (eg: led Nation start lamp). This solution offers the possibility of much larger led pitches and a cabinet size of 960×960. Resistant to physical damage, outdoor LED display will be the most solid and sturdy LED display under any circumstances.

INDOOR LED display

Ideal to be installed in a dry environment, the indoor led display has a protection rating of up to 30-40. This screen offers the best resolution per aluminum cabinet that exists. Very light, easy to carry and ultra thin (P0.06 micro-led is available), indoor LED display will not have any difficulty to fit into your environment without losing any space. Indeed, a system of lock and connection are directly automated, which requires no additional wiring. It also offers a 16:9 video format which facilitates video broadcasting.

Indoor led screen tv 4K-led-wall-display-and-floor-TV-Station
vph aubervilliers studios écrans led
Indoor LED Wall for XR
  • Pitch: 2.6
  • Dimensions: Custom made, cabinet 500mmx500mm
  • Indoor
  • Resolution: Custom
  • Average price: 70 / m2 / day (Price without installation and transport)
Outdoor LED Wall
  • Pitch: 3.9mm
  • Dimensions: Customized, cabinet 500mmx500mm
  • Outdoor
  • Resolution: Custom
  • Average price: 110 / m2 / day (Price without installation and transport)
VPH STUDIO virtual production KREMLIN production virtuelle
Flexible led screen on cynlinder can for streetmarketing Redbull by night
led display can
  • Pitch: 5mm

  • Dimensions: Custom made, cabinet
  • 640mmx500mm
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Resolution: Custom

  • Average price: 100 / m2 / day
Column LED display
  • Pitch: 2.6mm
  • Dimensions: Custom made, cabinet 640mmx500mm
  • Indoor
  • Resolution: Custom
  • Average price: 90 / m2 / day
column led mesh hay les roses

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