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4K LED wall display and floor for Globo TV station for the 2018 world cup in Russia

4K LED wall display and floor for Globo TV station for the 2018 world cup in Russia



Client: rede globo using Indoor led screen tv

Rede Globo, or simply Globo, is a Brazilian free-to-air television network. It is owned by media conglomerate Grupo Globo, which is by far the largest of its holdings. Globo is the largest commercial TV network in Latin America and the second-largest commercial TV network in the world just behind the American ABC Television Network and the largest producer of telenovelas.

All of this makes Globo renowned as one of the most important television networks in the world and Grupo Globo one of the largest media groups.

Gearhouse Broadcast a UK leader of broadcast and production houses has become Gravity Media, which is a leading global provider of complex live broadcast facilities and production services to content owners, creators and distributors. We use the collective pull of our people and resources to capture, craft and create world-class content that inspires and excites

Context / environment

Gravity Media has contacted Street Co for his customer Globo to set up the TV studio for the upcoming World cup 2018 in Russia.

Street Co’ has been appointed as the technical partner to supply:

2 LED wall display 4K definition pitch 1.2mm

1 LED floor display Pitch 5.2mm

One of the specificities of this project is that

  • Both 4K LED wall display would need to an angle (See pictures)
  • Both 4K LED wall display would need to be installed flush to the floor LED.

Street Co would provide the turnkey solution for the complete LED display for the studio Gravity Media will focus on installing the screen within the complex audiovisual architecture of the studio for the World cup.

The client shared CAD drawings of the floor plan.

The main objective was to have an immersive TV studio with LED display setup.

The LED wall display would need to be able to be on camera; so all electronic components would need to be tailored for that.

They also wanted to have a unique signature design using AR and VR on stage where

+ the presenter would be able to appear on the pitch while he will actually be in the studio

+ then the player would.


After a few brainstorming meetings, Street co has proposed a 3/4 options to fits customer’s onsite requirements, budget and design.

When working with High definition LED screens bellow 2mm pitch the chosen electronic components can impact a lot on the performances and help save some precious $ especially when the LED screen is not 100% compulsory for the project.

Street Co has provided options that will be presented within a Price matrix tab where the customer will have a clear vision of what they are buying through:

  • Resolution of the screen
  • LED lamps brand
  • Driver IC and MOFSET
  • PCB parameters
  • Refresh rate
  • Scan rate
  • Grayscale Bits
  • Cabinet size
  • contrast ratio
  • HDR capability
  • Pitch
  • Range of the product: Eco / Standard / Premium
  • Lifetime
  • Type of connection between LED lamp brand and PCB board of the screen Golden / Wire / silver

That has helped customers to have a better vision of what they will be buying.

With the compulsory angle and the high-definition 4K LED display having to be raised and flush to the LED flooring, we designed a structure that is able to bear the load of those 2 huge LED screens.

We have started with:

  • Consultation / Brainstorming in collaboration with Gravity Media to find the best-suited hardware that fit both budget and end-customer requirements with several options as mentioned above
  • Price matric showing: Pitch, Resolution, performances options, quantity, Price and result
  • Prototype stage to show customers a 3D example of the end result.
  • Detail execution plan with AutoCAD and DWG drawings
  • Engineering of the installation
  • Logistic, transportation and planning
  • On-Site installation
  • Programming

The video content has been provided by Globo broadcasting studio.

Indoor led screen tv studio Result Photo

Fixation system

Materials & laboUr

4K LED tiles High definition Pitch 1.2

  • Cabinet Dimension: 400*300mm;
  • P1.25mm,
  • NationStar golden1010 Lamps
  • Screen size: 3,2m x 2.4m
  • MBI 5153 drive IC
  • Colorlight receive card;
  • Total of 24m2
  • Modèle: LPD-SU4312
  • Cabinet qty: 203 pcs
  • 4K LED tiles wall display
  • Pixel Pitch: 1.2mm
  • LED Config: SMD 2020 LED lamps from Nationstar
  • Brightness: 1000nits/m2
  • Refresh rate: ≥3840Hz
  • Scan rate:1/32
  • We used 13 circuits lines
  • 2 Signal input One working as back up and one as the main signal
  • The control system uses a Colourlight Z6 LEd controller that supports 1080p resolution
  • LED Model Goldenwire

Floor LED display using pitch 5.2

  • 2 Signal input One working as back up and one as the main signal
  • Size: 5m x 3m
  • 15 sqm + 15 % spare
  • The LED floor display use a Pitch 5.2 with a resolution of W1152xH480 px
  • The control system uses a Novastar Mctrl 510p
  • LED Model Goldenwire
  • Size: Width 8’4
  • MBI 5051B
  • Module Size (mm) 250×250
  • Tile size (mm) 500×500
  • Resolution (WxH) 48×48
  • Driver MBI SMD – 5120
  • Refresh Rate 1940Hz
  • Scan Type 1/8
  • Brightness (nits) 3500
  • Led Brand Nationstar
  • Both indoor and outdoor use

The following steps took place:

  1. Design construction plans of the product and installation system/solution. Our team of LED product design, designer and engineer will come up with stability calculation, 3D model and execution drawings and few safe and convenient options based on the ceiling structure your team have shared with us – That will be shared on commissioning. This step has already started.
  2. Design of the fixation solution system It will take into account the weight of the LED and the capability of the furniture
  3. LED modules manufacturing. The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for the furniture.
  4. Pre-assembly of LED modules at the warehouse
  5. Test in warehouse
  6. Product and solution adjustment if necessary
  7. Production and manufacturing
  8. Transport and delivery onsite
  9. On-site installation

We took 7 days to install the prototype screen with a crew of 6 staff.


The main challenges were the installation including

  • Alignment
  • integration of the modules
  • Getting the correct angled required by the customer
  • Having the screen flush with the angles


Test Installation


This 3 LED display screen contributed to set Globo as one of the pioneers of the TV industry in Brazil.

The setup worked perfectly and kept on being used for other show such as US open, Wimbledon tournament etc….


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grasshopper /
  • Installation
  • Technology System Design
  • Video/interactive content creation
  • Prototyping


  • Date: 2018
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Status: Completed
  • Client: Rede Globo,
  • Commissioned by: Gravity Media
  • Team: Rema design – Street Co’ Paris + Shenzhen offices

3d Design


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