S Poste packshot

S Poster II

S Poster II

  • Poster LED Screen
  • Poster can connect with each other to be one screen.
  • Poster supports up to 5 units connected into one screen.
  • Poster can be phone control by WIFI or 4G network.

Poster Appearance

S Poster Appearance
S poster wall mounted
S poster material of cabinet
S poster easier handling for multi-poster splicing


  1. Weight : The first-genertion poster is 48kg. The second-generation poster is 42kg.
  2. Thickness : The first-generation poster is 36mm. The second-generation poster is 28mm
  3. Fool-proof design for Module : The second-generation poster is Fool-proof design for Module Which means not need to worry about the short circuit when the module installation direction is incorrect.
  4. Material of Cabinet : The first-generation Poster is Aluminum Fold. The second-generation poster is die-casting aluminum, stronger and flatter.
  5. Easier handling for multi-poster splicing : The first generation Poster must remove the screws. The second-generation poster is easy to Splicing and no need to remove the frame.


S poster projects
S poster pojects 2
S Poster projects 3

Fast installation, easy maintenance