Marvel Сота светодиодные огни

    At the mere mention of a honeycomb would trigger either an image of bees whizzing about pollinating or a series of hexagonal shapes clumped together and honey dripping out of it. Well, ‘Винни-Пух' и Маугли балу are not the only individuals who love honeycombs. Whilst Winnie and Baloo love the honey in the hive, there are others who are just intrigued by the structure of the hive, mainly the hexagonal shaped architecture inside the hive. For instance, Charles Darwin perceived the соты как совершенную форму (the hexagon for engineering purposes) and mathematicians, scientists and as well as artists are drawn to the uniqueness of the hexagon for centuries.

    Among the uniqueness of the hexagon is that all its sides are equal and fit together on surfaces without gaps, hence the perfect design for multiple purposes. Просто остановиться немного больше на шестиугольника перед переходом к как светодиодные производителей удалось сделать шестигранная форма частью их портфолио продуктов, it would be good for us to know that the hexagon is basically a six-sided polygon that consists of 6 angles totalling 720°. The fact that the design world has come to love the hexagon was a primary driver behind it being used by LED light manufacturers. Apart from what some refer to as its “mysterious properties” or simply genius natural design which makes those who gaze upon the Hexagon feel ‘something move’ inside them. Anyhow, it is the mysteriousness of the Zen-like power of the hexagon that resulted in the Hexagon’s incorporation into technological designs.

    Мед кинетической

    Теперь срок, отпущенный гексагональной светодиодный продукт 'Мед кинетической’, whilst we all know what ‘honey’ is, Kinetic (which is the energy related to motion) is added to the equation due to the flow of visual within the hexagonal shaped components of the LED lighting. The level of flexibility, versatility и надежность of the shape (honeycomb) makes this product unique compared to other products. Honey kinetic provides the same if not more benefits compared to other products. This is due to the fact that technicians are able to tune hexagonal shaped LED screens to project singular images that make the entire structure a big screen, or it could also be configured into ‘visual components’ within each shape.

    Это означает, что each hexagon of the ‘honey kinetic’ are also subdivided to project different images. Это позволяет клиентам улица сообщения выбрать их собственное содержание and the result in every instance is nothing less than impressive. Street Communication has managed to install the Honey Kinetic for numerous clients and most of the Honey Kinetic LED Light Structure installed by the Company is based on specifications stipulated by the clients.

    ‘Make things happen’

    Street Communication has managed to install the Honey Kinetic for numerous clients and most of the Honey Kinetic LED Light Structure installed by the Company is based on specifications stipulated by the clients. This is a unique factor about Street Communication, they are able to ‘сделать вещи случиться’ following the specifications presented by clients and in most instances, they make it better. Everything about LED light projects that range from design, standard, creative aspects and technical specifications presented by clients is realised and accomplished perfectly. The use of Honey Kinetics has been an integral part of this overwhelming success simply because ‘anything’ is possible using these honeycomb shaped LED components due to its flexibility and versatility. This is simply due to the fact that nothing is seen as a barrier with Honey Kinetics regardless of pitch pixel viewing angles and the specifics of the installation space.

    Мед кинетическая проекты

    Some of the projects using specifically honey kinetics involved customers requesting for screens fitted to walls, floor space and in some instances the ceilings. Street Communications achieved these specifications that varied in resolutions ranging from 0.2mm to 30mm pixel pitch sizes by using unmatched technical expertise and creativity. For instance, ‘fitting’ the honeycomb LED units to стены, the пол и потолок required special ‘housings’ or ‘cabinets’. These ‘cabinets’ were constructed according to the shape and size of the space are not even noticeable by viewers.

    The company also managed to construct these Honey Kinetic units as walls that projected amazing visuals seamlessly across more than a hundred hexagons fitted together that acted as both a single large screen and ‘sectional screens’. The best part about it is the fact that the luminosity of the entire structure was even and simply tantalising to gaze at. Some of the visuals were videos, whilst others projected well design graphic text (slides) and геометрические формы that had viewers staring at them for significant amounts of time.

    Технические характеристики

    Шаг пикселя (в мм)

    Частота обновления

    Тип СИД

    Настраиваемый кабинет

    Изогнутые кабинет

    Материал шкафа

    Шкаф Разрешение (в пикселях)

    DIP / SMD

    Продукт класса

    Яркость (в кд / м)

    Ширина (мм)

    Высота (мм)

    Разрешение модуля (в пикселях)

    Потребляемая мощность (в ваттах)

    Рабочая температура

    Weight Per Sq. M (kg)

    [Объект Window]



    Золотой провод LED




    620 x 720






    207 x 237

    90 – 264

    – 35C / 60C


    [Объект Window]

    Обертывание – вверх

    The standard pixel pitch size of 30mm is based on viewing distances that are more than 50M, however, if the viewers would be standing closer than 50M, the technicians would definitely look at beefing up the solution to smaller pixel pitch sizes that would provide higher resolutions. As for the cabinets, which are made from aluminium which is ultra-light and yet sturdy and robust, they fit easily to any structure without much strain and aluminium being a ‘docile element’ does not oxidise easily making it suitable to for outdoor use for long periods of time.

    The honey kinetic is among the most unique products in the arsenal of Street Communication LED products. Its unique shape, flexibility, ease of assembly and disassembly and versatility make it a ‘preferred product’. Whilst with most other products ‘the sky is the limit’ with Honey Kinetics, the ‘LIMIT’ is the sky which allows anything you could possibly imagine be realised!

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