вогнутые изогнутый экран LED панель

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    This Huge LED curved Panel display screen panel is the new way for the perfect viewing experience, being able to see every inch of the screen even if your on the other side! cinema viewing experience for the future years, with no more neck aches from having to strain to see the other side! There is no such thing as a bad seat now with a screen like this, when you are guaranteed to be able to see where ever you are!Street Communication is one of the leading LED screen companies – providing custom LED screens to satisfy any customer’s needs. Founded in London, United Kingdom in 2012, Street Communication’s headquarter is now based in Paris, France. We are a multinational company composed of manufacturers, designers, and engineers with more than ten years experience working with LED.We specialize in customized, made to order LED lights in unconventional shapes with an emphasis on designs that are new and innovative as well as elegant and sophisticated.Our past projects have drawn on technology enabling the usage of lightweight, flexible and bendable LED lights to create columns, cylinders, and rings. We excel at combining innovative designs with the necessary structural engineering.
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    Our engineers and architects create the best designs for you. We analyse the environment and it’s characteristics, and propose you the most suitable solution for you, starting with the type of module, the spot it is going to be placed on and the most convenient shape for your screen. We propose various solutions for you, you just have to chose. We create the design and our teams take care of the installation of your screen. we carry your project from the very beginning to the end and offer a maintenance of two years on all of our products.

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