Пол светодиодный экран и небольшой шаг высокой четкости LED стены для Volkswagen в Аэропорте Барселоны

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    Новый светодиодный экран для аэропорта Барселоны

    with ‘Lighting’

    Floor LED, small pitch, creative shapes

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    В противном случае, также известный как аэропорт Барселоны Barcelona El Prat de Llobregat Aeropuerto или Аэропорт Барселоны несомненно, среди загруженных аэропортов на планете (actually the 7TH busiest airport in all of Europe) and it is also a unique Airport that привлекает посетителей, которые не летит из-за его торговых пассажей.

    From its Chocolate Factory to the Cal Pere or the Pastry Shop La Farga, the Barcelona Airport is indeed a venue that offers more than just air transport. With more than 30 million visitors and passengers coming through the airport annually (meaning on average, more than 80,000 people come and go through this airport each day), it is no wonder that Некоторые из крупнейших брендов побороться за Шпакe in order to enhance the awareness of their brand.

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    These brands that campaign at the Barcelona airport range from exclusive perfume producers, to sporting goods manufacturers to automakers and their primary (not the only) intention of being there is to make their presence felt by those who come and go through the airport.

    Создание осведомленности через когнитивные воздействия является хорошо доказана психологической маркетинговая стратегия и брендов, которые в состоянии сделать наибольшее влияние через visuals, displays or events would naturally stand to gain more from this perspective.

    Volkswagen в впечатляющих рекламных инициатива

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    Discover the installation in Barcelona Airport – The car is standing on a надежные светодиодный этаж – Nothing can compete

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    Еще одна установка внутри аэропорта для небольшой бар с помощью Светодиод красный свет You have to stop, and take a drink before you takeoff

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    At the Barcelona airport, one brand name that will definitely not be forgotten by those who witness the campaign is the name Volkswagen. Albeit, it is already a well-known brand based on the fact that Volkswagen is second largest automaker in the world (behind Toyota), with their current маркетинговая стратегия кампании с помощью визуальных дисплеев at busy hubs that teem with people constantly, the possibility of them grabbing the # 1 spot ‘again’ is certainly plausible.

    So, what is this new awareness campaign strategy all about? Well, the right question would actually be “how does this new campaign strategy look like”? This is due to the fact that at the Barcelona Airport, Volkswagen is all about ‘Показать и рассказать’ and this time around they have stepped up their game into new territory and have succeeded to ‘awe’ people through their visual y captivating campaign!

    VВизуальная эффект доставки через индикатор

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    С помощью последней из того, что Светодиодные технологии has to offer, Volkswagen has managed to incorporate the wizardry LED technology through a стратегическое сотрудничество with Street Communication to create one of the most remarkable single standing static display construct that takes you through different terrains using floor and wall LED displays (5.2 pitch) smack in the middle of the Barcelona Airport and the response from the crowds has been nothing short of overwhelming.

    Поверхность LED дисплей пола, который помещен на VW обеспечивает ощущение того, что транспортное средство движется (at various speeds on a variety of based on the programmed video controller input). The floor LED display is programmed to run various terrains that range from smooth dry highways to rough and rocky surfaces whilst the wall display provides the finishing touch (also 5.2 pixel pitch display) by presenting backdrop visuals that move in unison with the match terrain on the floor.

    Визуальные эффекты, созданные улице коммуникации для Volkswagen в Аэропорте Барселоны делает зрители просто хотят владеть транспортного средства due to the meticulously designed showcase of the VW Touareg. Although, making still objects appear to be moving is not entirely a new concept, the interesting aspect of it was the level of creativity applied through the use of LED display technology that ‘hit a homerun’ with the crowd – so to speak.

    Светодиодный дисплей Технология

    From just about any perspective, the fact that LED displays have conquered the world in a manner of sorts is undeniable. The technical aspects of led displays play a crucial role in ensuring that ‘showcase displays’. The one Volkswagen uses at Barcelona Airport is quite critical towards aesthetics. Street Communication hired to do the job pulled it off without a hitch presenting their sound knowledge of LED Display mechanics. The fact that Street Communication used 5.2 mm pixel pitch and placed barriers around the showcase at precisely the perfect viewing distance made a big difference on the level of appreciation by the target audience.

    This is simply due to the fact with pixel pitch of that size; the graphics would appear ‘unsmooth’ or pixelated. If viewers got too close to the screens as the smaller the pitch, the higher the resolution they will see the difference. Compared to a 1.5 mm pitch LED display module, 5.2 mm pitch would naturally contain fewer pixels. Thus produce lower resolution which is why distance plays an integral role in the scheme of things.

    In general, the standard resolution for most showcases (close range) is Pitch 2.5 mm however for the purpose and requirement of Volkswagen’s showcase at the Barcelona Airport. Street Communication made the right call in using 5.2 Display as the screen was projecting constant movement and having a higher resolution. What is offered by 5.2mm pixel pitch would be simply redundant apart from incurring unnecessary cost (the higher the resolution, the more expensive it gets). However, because the images were not still as the car cruised through the virtual city streets and rural roads, it projected a sense of realism.

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    Технические термины

    Floor: Pixel Pitch 5.2

    Wall: Pixel Pitch 2.5

    1R1G1B (SMD1921)



    36 864

    500 x 500 x 75









    ЯРКОСТЬ (кд/м)

    Размер модуля (W x H мм)


    Размер шкафа (W x H x T)


    КАБИНЕТ вес (кг/шт)

    Потребляемая мощность (Макс. / Avg Вт/м2)

    ЧАСТОТА (Гц) развертки

    СЕРАЯ шкала (бит)


    IP рейтинг (передние/задние)

    Светодиоды SMD 3-в-1 черный циферблат

    1 000 nits

    240 x 240 x 17


    480 x 480 x 80

    192 x 192