SR Rental Series

SR Rental

SR Rental Series

  • Creative Flexible Rental products
SR Rental Series

SR Rental

  • – HD Resolution : P1.5/P1.9/P2.6/P2.9/P3.9/P4.8/P5.9
  • – Multi splicing methods : curve, right angle and cubic splicing
  • – Front and back maintenance
  • – Support dislocation of cabinets
  • – Independent power box
  • – Equipped with half-automatic coner protections
  • – Multi-use rental : stage rental, studio, high-end meeting, brand promotion, XR as shooting level

500mm x 500mm

  • 7KG/pcs
    Features :
  • Low-light high-gray technology, 6000:1 contrast ratio, 16-bit grayscale, 3840Hz refresh rate Wide
    color gamut, uniform color, no tailing, ghosting
    Seamless, infinite stitching, seams can be fine-tuned, adjustment accuracy is 0.01mm Natural
    cooling, ultra-quiet and fanless design
    Die-cast aluminum design, CNC finishing, the cabinet is very flat
    Front and rear maintenance design, lighter and thinner
    Dual backup of power signals to ensure safe and secure conferences
    Flash function can only store correction data. Easy to repair, ensuring uniform color
SR Rental series 500x500mm
SR Rental Series 500x1000mm

500mm x 1000mm

High gray level – more delicate
Grayscale is also called the color boundary or grayscale, which refers to the degree of brightness of the brightness, the number of levels of any color from dark to bright. small-pitch LED display achieves 16-bit grayscale performance.
At low brightness, the grayscale performance of the display is still intact. The higher the grayscale level, the higher the layering and vividness of the image, and the more detailed image detail. No loss of information.

500 mm x 500 mm Detail Graphical

High refresh rate – more stable

SR Rental series new generation of small- pitch refresh rate reaches 3840Hz, the picture is stable, no ripples, no black screen, coping with dynamic display, clear picture edge, good dynamic expression, no ghosting, no tailing, accurate and true image information Restore, make the video picture smooth, bring the best visual enjoyment.

SR Rental front & rear service

Front & Rear service

Effectively avoid accidental impact from the lamp face

The gamut coverage is a representation of the ability of a display to restore color. The area of the triangle area composed of its three primary colors is usually expressed as a percentage of the area of the NTSC gamut. LED small pitch display, reaching 114% NTSC color gamut coverage.

Hanging Installation

Hanging installation SR Rental
Stacking installation SR Rental

Stacking Installation

touring Cart Support Transportation

SR Rental right angle splicing

Right Angle Splicing

Angle Wings Module

SR series Fan -shape angle wings module
SR series Triangle shape

Triangle Shaped Module