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Reaching New Innovative Heights with transparent LED : The Tfree Series

Reaching New Innovative Heights with transparent LED : The Tfree Series

DO YOU KNOW the tfree serie?

The entire LED industry has been moving at such a rapid rate that new LED products are being introduced one after another unceasingly. The LED industry has taken control of media advertising vectors and has effectively used LED products as ‘pull factor’ platforms by marketers across the globe. The flexibility, versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness of LED products make them the preferred choice by businesses simply because of their varied and diversified application across the board. Brands across industries such as Adidas, Volkswagen, Printemps and major shopping malls and buildings that represent the brands are rapidly embracing LED technology to enhance their market presence. Now there is an even newer innovative LED product series that is known as ‘The T-Free Series’ that industry leaders such as Street Communication are promoting aggressively mainly because the Company considers them to be the ‘cream of the crop’ among top LED products.

WHY USING tfree series?


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Transparent LED T-Free series is ultra-thin and boasts a thickness of only 8mm (32mm with cabinet) that is coupled with a Super light-weight screen that is only 4kg in weight per panel. This is because the panel is of a frameless design which allows these screens to be coupled together easily for large size installations. The T-Free Series also has a high transparency rate of over 90% coupled with multiple control methods which include computers, 4G, and Wi-Fi control. Another unique feature of the Transparent Led t-free series is that it can be shaped to be either flat, curved or cylindrical and supports a wide variety of installation, lifting and mount fixing.


LED displays offer several advantages that conventional displays do not, and among the most notable advantages, there are :
– Flexibility
– Dynamic content, LED provide a platform on which unique content can be created, which has the potential to engage the target audience more thoroughly.
– Low maintenance requirements
– High level of durability which allows for a greater return on investment
– Digital LED displays can be scaled up to any size without any problem.



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The pitch pixel for the Tfree Series LED Transparent Screens comes in 3 Pixel Pitch that are categorized in to the F series and the S series (High-end). The pixel pitch sizes for both the F & S series start from 3.9 mm before moving on to 7.8 mm and 10.4 mm. The smaller pixel Pitch size allows viewing distances of 4m and more (3.9mm) whilst the 7.8 mm allows audiences to view the screen without image distortion as close as 8 meters. The largest pixel size at 10.4 mm is more suited for outdoor screens as viewers would only be able to appreciate the graphics from a distance of 10 meters or more.

Low energy consumption depending on the series used

All units provide viewing angles of 140 degrees at the minimum and offer a transparency range that stretches from 61 % right up to 90 %. The power consumption levels of the F & S series differ slightly, but are negligible. All 6 modules within the spectrum of the Tfree Series LED Transparent Screens are 3840 Hz and supports most inputs including Composite, S — Video, Component, VGA, DVl, HDMI, HD SDI. The systems are exceedingly light weight as each panel weighs lesser than 4 kg which makes installing, uninstalling and relocating rather easy.

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We are currently pushing the Tfree Series LED Transparent Screen Specifications aggressively to clients due to the features that come with this product range. According to the market, the Tfree Series LED Transparent Screen has been proven to be the best product simply based on the fact that the Tfree Series LED Transparent Screen Specifications offers much more advantages to clients and at much lower prices.

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