Transparent Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE

Transparent Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE

Transparent Media Facade Imagic Weave

Architectural façades are becoming the new tendance for platforms of media communication. IMAGIC WEAVE is an unique transparent media facade system that make stadiums, shop and others kind of buldings a transparent canvases for vibrant, large-scale communication. the types of wire mesh and cloth manufactured by HAVER & BOECKER for these applications are every bit as diverse as the architecture itself. the combinaison of chosen mesh type and LED pixel pitch enables to determines easily the transparency.

The Transparent Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE is a fusion of HAVER Architectural Mesh and the latest LED Technology; IMAGIC WEAVE creates individually programmable lightning effects in any colors including video presentations at any indoor or outdoor surface. This Architectural Mesh is available in two different LED technologies making it adaptable to project specific requirements such as color mixing, angle of radiation and brightness.

Additional Information

Minimum screen size


Maximum screen size



20% to 75% (depending on mesh type and resolution

LED Pitch vertical

Free selectable, From ~40mm

LED Pitch horizontal

40mm, 50mm, 62,5mm 5other distances on request)

Pixel Pitch:


LED system

2*3in1 RGB SMT, 2*R, 2*G, 2*B THT


~11200 nit b(cd/m²)

Optical Lens:

Glass/PC Dome

Viewing distance

20m up to several kilometers (depending on size, aspect ration, LED Pitch and video content)

Aspect ratio

Freely selectable (e.g. 16:9, 21:9, 4:3)


Outdoor (IP67), UV resistant

Operating temperature

-30 °C to + 60 °C

Illustration facilities

Simple colors to high-resolution videos

Application and Use In Construction

Walls, Facades, Decoration


Mesh, Modular

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