LED Mesh flexible C4 indoor and outdoor use

LED Mesh flexible C4 indoor and outdoor use

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LED Mesh flexible C4

LED flexible Mesh is a transparency, quick installation, easy maintenance, lightweight and flexible system. The Pixel Pitch start from 50mm to 500mm is customizable according to your LED mesh project. This flexible LED mesh is both daylight and nighttime. LED flexible mesh is IP67-rated, back and front UV-resistant, and designed to withstand outdoor elements, rendering it a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. By providing a visual medium capable of being scaled to any size, complete with a wide-angle viewing of more than 120 degrees, application for various media solutions. (advertising, mega screen, media façade, etc) The C series enable turning any facade building into a huge LED screen - It's very cost effective which allows covering a big area for a competitive price as long as you are happy to compromise on the resolution.

We offer several variants of our C series

The main advantages of LED mesh screen C outdoor/Indoor Series is flexible, lightweight, easy to install and maintain. Screen bending, folding, winding, hanging, etc., artistic and creative, can be freely combined into a variety of shapes. Widely being used in stage background ,bar ,KTV, building surface decoration, shopping malls, wedding decorations and other places.

1. Flexible, various shapes, not limited by application scenarios.

2. Creative double-sided display (patented),3D effect available, good artistic effect.

3. High light transmittance, stage lighting, smoke, etc. can be unimpeded.

4. Magnetic buckle (patented),fast and natural connection, suitable for rental use.

5. Pitch, size can be customized, and transparent material optional.

We offer several variants of our C series



Modèle : C3 Mesh

INCURVE LED : 3 or 4 SMD per pixel

Color Grey Scale: 8 bits

Beam Anglemm): Vertical 120°Horizontal 120°

Pitch Range (mm): 50-5000(mm)

Housing Color(m): Black/White/Gray, PC

Lensmm): Transparent Flat

Unit Weight: 20g/pc

Certificate: ETL , CE, Rohs

Ingress Protection : IP67

Operating Temperature : –35°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature: –40°C to +90°C

Durée De Vie : 80,000+ hours ( temperature<50°C)

Chip Brand : CREE / Nichia / Epistar

Operating Voltage: 12 V DC / 15 V DC

Power Consumption: 0.75W / 0.9W

Control: TTL/DMX

Additional Information

Pixel Pitch (in mm)

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Refresh Rate

LED Type

Customizable Cabinet

curved cabinet

Cabinet Material

Cabinet Resolution (in pixel)

Product Class

Brightness (in cd/m²)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Module Resolution (in pixel)

Power Consumption (in watt)

operating temperature

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