Interactive Floor LED outdoor from pitch 4.8mm to 6.25mm

Interactive Floor LED outdoor from pitch 4.8mm to 6.25mm

Higher splicing precision

The cabinet is made of 500 x 500 die-cast aluminum frame produced with the latest technology of CNC machining process, our interactive LED floor series can achieve seamless splicing and the best splicing precision of the market.

Aliment is one of the most important features for any LE Screen especially the ones which will be used on the floor.

Rich interactive game

Our products support a large variety of self-developed interactive games from fish to football and basketball court. It helps your display to be more volatile and flexible. We can also help you to develop your very own interactive custom interactive floor game.

Induction Area & Sensitivity
There are 4 induction area on each cabinet. 1-9 adjustable sensitivity, more flexible applications.
(1 piece of paper can be sensed with the level 9, even close to the palm can be sensed.)

Interactive sensor with 16 multi-point touch sensors

16 sensors are directly integrated inside each LED cabinet of 500mm x 500mm so 64 sensors per sqm - all to help to reduce the latency time down to 0.01sec.

Front and back IP65 waterproof

With front and back IP65 waterproof design, it can be suitable for outdoor and indoor application.

High reliability

Loading capacity is over 2000kg/sqm - No need to add anything else!! With this new version of the product we can run cars and trucks on the our LED screen.

Innovative mask design

The modules mask is made of imported high transparency and wear-resistant PC material, it has two major advantages

1.Better splicing precision, our Indoor interactive LED series can achieve seamless splicing.Light transmittance uniformity is excellent, there is no color difference and color uniformity is well maintained in different viewing angles.

Excellent anti-scratch and anti-wear and tear performance.

Individual disassembly and easy maintenance Modules front maintenance

There are 4 modules of 250mm x 250mm on each cabinet of 500mm x 500mm. Each of those modules can be removed independently as they are



magnetically fixed module design. Replacement can be achieved in 3 seconds. It helps to reduce maintenance time and cost.

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Interactive LED floor inside
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Interactive LED Floor
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Interactive LED Floor outdoor
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Interactive LED floor for game interactive

Additional Information

Pixel Pitch (in mm)

, ,

Cabinet Resolution (in pixel)

Refresh Rate

LED Type

Driver IC

Customizable Cabinet

curved cabinet

Cabinet Material

Product Class


Brightness (in cd/m²)

Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Module Resolution (in pixel)

operating temperature

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