In-glass transparent LED Screen for rental temporary, flexible and dynamic media spaces for events

In-glass transparent LED Screen for rental temporary, flexible and dynamic media spaces for events

Temporary, flexible and dynamic media spaces for events

Outdoor studios, pop-up shops and cafes, trade show booths and event VIP boxes. All with exciting, dynamic media display.

Whether you need an outdoor studio, a temporary structure for a pop up shop, a cafe for an exhibition, a trade show booth, an event VIP box or a DJ Booth, we have event solutions for you with exciting and dynamic media displays. All you need to do is tell us your event needs, and we’ll be able to help you create the perfect event using one of our customizable event products.


Beautiful compelling media content, advertising, information and interaction are all possible with G-Tainer and G-Wall and G-Spin.

Bring your event to life with our stunning media displays. Let our display pulse in time to the music at your rock concert or mimic the movement of your customers in your pop-up shop.


Turn heads at your event with beautiful and interactive displays. Create eye-catching dynamic art or use it to advertise your brand by illuminating your logo. You can create your own media or work with our own media experts to deliver your vision for your event.

Standard LED-container configurations with mods

You can opt for a bespoke G-Tainer design. Or, we can offer you a number of LED-container configurations that we can adapt for your use. You only have to choose a role mod.

Right: Standard two LED-container structure with a café mod.

Below: Twelve LED-container structure shopping mall mod.


Fully transparent

Our LED glass technology is 99.7% transparent. We use patented micro-LED technology in the construction of our laminated smart-glass products.

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Cube Transparent LED screen

Additional Information

Brightness (in cd/m²)


Cabinet Material


Cabinet Measurements (in mm)

Cabinet Resolution (in pixel)


, ,

Customizable Cabinet


Driver IC

Height (mm)

Width (mm)


LED Type


operating temperature

Pixel Pitch (in mm)


Pixel Pitch Catégorie

Power Consumption (in watt)

Product Class

Refresh Rate

Scan Mode

Viewing distance (m)

Weight Per sqm (kg)


100000 hours

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