Facade Mesh LED screen E serie pitch 6 – 8 – 10 – 16

Facade Mesh LED screen E serie pitch 6 – 8 – 10 – 16

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LED mesh strip/curtain Allows forming different shape and design of screen on façade, wall, ceiling and big areas of buildings. Thanks to its versatility you can design within the same wall some section of high definition e.g. Pitch 6mm and other section of low resolution e.g. Pitch 16mm This product helps architect and designers to design fantastic looking façade buildings.

This unit is a horizontal mounting unit, vertical mounting unit size and the same, but the direction LED lamp arrangement angle and different mask shade.

Ultra slim & thin design 30%-60% lighter than traditional one, thinnest part only 12mm reduce the structural load and installation cost. The weight of each square meter is about 8-15kg.


Purchase guide of led curtain strip screen and point light source

  1. Led strip curtain screen and point light source are equipped with the control system, wall fixed structure, and wooden case package.
  2. The advantages of led strip curtain screen and point light source are high transparent rate and anti-typhoon function. They are very suitable for installing on the roof or external glass wall of high buildings.
  3. Computer, fiber, UTP-cable and voltage power distributor are necessary.
  4. Our engineers will prepare the professional stage installation design drawing, installation instructions and operation video for you.

Led mesh strip curtain benefits The LED Mesh strip curtain series is an amazingly light and versatile option that can be used both indoors and outdoors for both fixed and rental applications. We can supply the display in many different sizes to suit your application. We can help you find the best solution for you led mesh project – by designing the LED on your building facade.

Quality Reliability: It has passed the certification of TUV and ETL

Front Maintenance: It can be installed and maintained by front or back video level effect: Video-level signal processing technology brings 60Hz frame rate and 16bit grayscale.

Product Model: E-serie

Pixel Pitch: 16 mm / 10.66 mm / 8 mm / 6.875 mm

Unit size Horizontal: 1536 x 256 mm / 1440 x 256 mm / 1408 x 256 mm / 1320 x 256 mm

Material: Aluminium Body & PC Mask

LED Lamp: SMD 3535

LED lamp brand: Nationstar / CREE / Kinglight / Epistar

Resolution: 3904 dot/m² 9380 dot/m² 15625 dot/m² 22730 dot/m²

Unit Size: 1536-1440-14408 x 256 mm

Brightness: 4500 - 5000 nit

Transparency: 15% / 8% / 6%

Weight : 18 kg/m² - 21 kg m²

Input Voltage AC 110 - 240 V AC

Power Consumption 750 w/m² - 850w/m²

Installation Front & Rear

Protection IP67

Grey Scale RGB 16384 bit(3 x 14 bit) RGB 16384 bit(3 x 14 bit) RGB 16384 bit(3 x 14 bit) RGB 16384 bit(3 x 14 bit)

Refresh Rate ≥ 1920 Hz

Frame Rate ≥60 Hz

Working environment Temperature:-30℃ to +60℃;

Humidity: 10% - 90%

Temperature:-30℃ to +60℃;

Facade led mesh building indoor pitch 6-8 -10 - 16
Facade led mesh building indoor pitch 6-8 -10 - 16

Additional Information

Pixel Pitch (in mm)

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Refresh Rate





LED Type

Customizable Cabinet

curved cabinet

Cabinet Material

Product Class

Brightness (in cd/m²)

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Weight Per sqm (kg)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Module Resolution (in pixel)

Power Consumption (in watt)

operating temperature

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