Custom application: Transparent OLED screen film

Custom application: Transparent OLED screen film

LED Film, also called LED-embedded Light Film, is a technology of surface-mounted light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on flexible, transparent conductive polymer films. This technology is based on the use of a cold curing pick-and-place process on transparent conductive plastics. Products such as LED-embedded glass and LED headliner are possible with this technology. LED Film technology is usually used for glass products that have to be laminated for safety reasons, like laminated glass tables, balustrades and glass logo doors. Glass with embedded LEDs is even also used for media façades. LED Films can be based on a transparent conductive coating or based on a printed conductive coating.

  • Pixel Pitch : 1.5 mm

  • Resolution : 444444

  • Brightness : 3000 nits

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