Post – Column – cylinder flexible and curved LED screen

Custom sizing flexible LED display panels specifically for interior columns

A flexible, thin, lightweight and extremely energy efficient display solution for your columns.

Introducing the flexible, high-quality flexible and curved LED display. With this innovative “warp around” screen, the design and display possibilities are endless. Columns, rounded walls and curved surfaces—create impact you’ve never been able to before.

Nowadays many architects want to make their buildings look more attractive and unique, so they prefer to use curved rather than flat screens LED to better fit into their building architecture. Thus we have developed a revolutionary “FLEXIBLE & CURVED” module that can easily fit into any wall shape, while preserving all the properties of a normal Led screen.

Our flexible and curved LED pannels can be used in locations where large, heavy and fragile panelled displays are impractical to install or projection systems are unlikely to work. Visit our flexible products section

This Curved and flexible indoor led display module can come in several different picth from P3mm to P16 mm

door and outdoor. The modules are designed for special shape led dispalys, such as led column display, convex and concave shape led display, wavy shape led display, and so on.

Any video, text, graphic can be displayed on the surface of the column.

It can have a stunning display effect, which can be widely used for shopping malls, government building, hotels, private residential, museum, retail boutiques, square, meeting halls and so on.


With our products any size / diameter / height is possible to equip with flexible LED.
Good for OUTDOOR or INDOOR permanent installations or for rental in events, concerts, TV studios, clubs, decoration etc…We can also manufacture screen, up to a brightness of 5,000 nits!
We can also produce any type of curved screen in any pitch, indoor or outdoor – All we need is initial drawings of your project alongside with your dream screen !. Contact us for details.


1. The display is made of high quality of SMD LEDs integrated into a special fabric, showing a nice and clear image, just like a regular video screen
2. With a refresh rate, the image is flicker-free has been created for professional applications in high end environment.
3. Lightweight and small in volume: 20 square meters of soft flexible LED display can be packed in one flight case.
4. Fast, easy and not costly installation: 200 m2 takes just 5 hours.
5. The display curtain is made of special fabric that is waterproof, fire proof, durable, resistant to dirt and expansion, applicable indoor and out.
6. It is flexible, making it suitable to all kind of irregular shapes, such as circles, columns, ellipses, triangles etc.