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Culture is an integral part of the human race as it has a significant impact on how they perceive life itself. Views, values, hopes, humour, behaviour, loyalties, fears and worries are all bound into every individual on this planet through their culture. It is our culture that defines us more than any other element and as the world shrinks, it has become imperative for different cultures to understand each other more intricately. Now more than ever, major corporations and governmental agencies have a diverse range of people from different backgrounds and ethnicity working side by side to achieve common goals. These goals only become achievable when there are grounds to build relationships between people of different backgrounds. However, the only way this can be made possible is by having some perspective and understanding of each other’s cultures. Among the most important thing that should never be forgotten in the exploration of cultures is not to forget the common things that different cultures share and a good example of an element that all cultures share in the present era is technology. Although most people see things around them or their environments differently, all of them know or have the experience to wake up for the day and look forward to what awaits them for the rest of the day simply because all of us are in essence human beings. People know what it is like to love, to be loved, to learn, to care, to worry and to have hopes and dreams and experienced fear or pain

However, despite the need to understand differences between cultures, the methods via which to understand different cultures has not gone beyond that of qualitative observations for nearly a millennia until the 21st century. The 21st century arrived with a ‘bang’ with digital technology and the internet hand in hand and this has given us new tools to probe cultures not just via observations, but via technology which according to most people ‘is doing a fine job’. Just recently ‘bontempo cubics +circles’ was given a project by BGW (Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Medical Services and Welfare Work (BGW)) to work on a project dubbed “Cultural Dimensions” in conjunction with the German National Care Day at STATION-Berlin that was held between the 14th of March 2019 to the 16th of March 2019. The company promptly ‘roped’ in the leading LED solution provider Street Communication to come up with interactive modules for the exhibition that communicated inter-cultural differences. Street Communication who are known for their prowess within the LED industry came up with some amazing modules that were effective ‘crowd pullers’ which included LED-lit flooring that was equipped with sensors that lead up to a hologram of a person. The use of interactive LED technology did not just make the event fun and light-hearted for visitors, but it also gave them a better perspective on their different cultures or backgrounds.

The BGW Care Day Exhibition – Integrating LED Technology into Cultural Dimensions

BGW handed their objectives for the exhibition to Street Communication in the form of a game manual based on two versions of a game concept. The mechanics of the games were the same as both versions involved the use of an interactive LED floor leading up to a hologram of a person. The interactive LED technology were fitted with sensors that could discern between a person walking towards the hologram and a person sitting on a wheelchair and rolling his way to the hologram (first and a second version of the game). The interactive LED technology that was incorporated for this game module at the exhibition were able to produce the footsteps of the individuals walking on the LED floor display or if they were on wheelchairs, the LED floor displays would then produce ‘wheel lines’ or tracks on the LED floor display screen. As soon as the participant stops, the module would reveal the distance between the person and the hologram and people from different cultures stopped at different distances which provided an idea of the ‘length’ that they were willing to go to achieve objectives. Besides the information of the distance, they stopped at an LED screen would also present statistics of the distances of different cultures which reveal similarities within cultures and difference between different cultures

About bontempo cubics + circles

The name is known as a livewire for creating, designing and visualising exceptional ideas that can deliver the essence of brand messages to audiences in three-dimensional space. With strong LED solution providers such as Street Communication at hand bontempo cubics + circles easily transform eccentric concepts and strategies into virtual worlds that excite retail, exhibitions and event environments effectively enough to make them memorable. Companies such as Street Communication have LED wizards up their sleeves who can turn ideas into three-dimensional manifestations that are interactive if needed by applying interactive LED technology. The interactive LED floor used at the exhibition is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as they say for companies such as Street Communication as they have a lot more to offer just as long as it involves LED products or services


People cannot pretend that the differences between their cultures do not matter simply because they do matter more than even most of us think. Glossing over differences in cultures and pretending that these differences do not exist is not an option. This is because these are the differences that become root causes for other negative traits in humans such as discrimination and everybody knows that discrimination does exist and when it does rear its ugly head, all hell breaks loose. Hence using whatever means that we have to overcome differences through understanding is critical to the future of the world. Whether by using raw observation or using LED technology or any other means, understanding cultural differences must be made a priority. Gaining practical information by using interactive LED modules to understand cultures and establish relationships among individuals from different cultures is undoubtedly an excellent idea that bontempo and Street Communication must be given credit for simply because they were able to come up with an element that removed ‘discomfort’ from engaging in activities that revealed their cultural traits.

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