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Proposition &


  • Our sales engineering team helps to provide options that can inspire and provide creativity to your LED display.
  • With the help of the latest technology, we provide customer reassurance and a list of many options to choose from with different pricing and product lifetime

Pricing Matrix with Option ECO /
Standard / Premium


  • Objective: to provide enough options as possible with a wide range of budgeting.
  • Our pricing specialist team will create a tab with Product/Pricing options
  • We work with more than 100+ factories with extensive sourcing experience. We
    willprovide pricing according to:
    ▪ LED Brand’s names
    ▪ Refresh rates
    ▪ Variants of driver IC brands
    ▪ PCB Diode connexion (Silver, Copper, golden)
    ▪ Displays’ lifespan/efficiency
    ▪ Type of factory Assemblage

Site Surveying


  1. Production of project overview
  2. Overseeing of possible challenges, both local or abroad.
  3. Determining best locations for installation.
  4. Validation of Screen dimension
  5. Validation of the support structure(s)

Structural Engineering Validation


  • Production of design, structure, mechanical, and technical experience
  • In compliance to country’s regulations
  • An attaching system and support structure as well as a detailed DWG
  • Precise calculations
  • List of materials to choose from for utility

Electrical & Signal Diagram Validation


  • Electrical diagram: With our electrical engineering services, we provide full
    systematic designs, layouts, groundworks, and fully certified installation.
    Replacements and rewiring are also included.
  • Data Networking / Control room: turnkey solutions for design, installation, and
    support of data networks for any system your display system.
  • Whether Fiber or Copper, WiFi, or GSM connectivity we can install
    the infrastructure needed.

Product/Supplier Sourcing


  • There is no production of displays. We have the best knowledge of which
    product and supplier fit the best for the installation and budgeting requirements.



  • Our LED engineering teaming will make sure to design and develop the right
    product and send it over to one of our suppliers in our Shenzhen's office for
    overseeing and management. This is for both quality and efficiency and that
    each product is tested carefully and maintained.

Quality Control


  • We have a strict conduct of quality maintenance and control.



We will provide pricing options to ship your newly produced goods from our
production unit to your site. We can provide shipping and project management to and

from any site with any size available to us. Traveling includes sea or air freight, customs
duty and local transit.

Onsite Installation Support & Screening


  • With the help and guidance of your product manager, you will coordinate
    installations of your digital screen. Thanks to our highly experienced and skilled
    installation team, we can provide a network of installation services available to
    you. All in safe and in good hands.
  • Nous disposons d’une équipe de techniciens hautement qualifiés qui installent toutes nos solutions LED (en interne ainsi que via notre réseau d’intégrateurs qualifiés). Une fois l’installation terminée, ils testent la solution LED et vous forme sur son utilisation et sa maintenance.

Control Room Setup


  • Installation of: sending card – processor – sensors cabling
  • Configuration of the system to set video mapping
  • Setup and pushing video content

Training On Using The LED screen


  • We train our installation team on both the software and hardware of the
    installation provided. This will make sure that you as well as your team has basic
    knowledge on how to switch on and off said screens.
  • Maintenance includes:
    – replacing receiving cards, modules, power supply, and cabling
  • Automatically set up the screen at different times for day and night for the operating system.
  • Training manuals and tutorial videos will be provided for reference
  • Inclusion of extensive training provided for content management software for mapping options.

Support / Service / Maintenance.


  • Several packages will be available for maintenance purposes.
  • Our Service level agreements (SLAs) options to ensure you get the best support
    from your screens’ lifespan, giving superior visual performance and longevity.
  • Hotline – remote support available 24/7 with express onsite support (Less than 2
    hours) For the more demanding industries or with onsite support from half-day
    to 5 days.
  • Remote support and onesite maintenance requests are provided. Will take within 12 hours to 5 days for a technician to arrive, depending on your
    maintenance contract for installation.
  • Customer service is important to use during and after sale has been dealt.
  • We offer a world-class warranty program(s) with a minimum of three years free
    and can be extended up to seven years.
  • We advise that the customer should at least purchase 5 to 10% extra modules to ensure having enough spare parts to cover 3-5 years of maintenance and performance stability for their screen.
  • In case of any failure, mishaps, malfunctions, and more, with the help of our warranty program, we will then replace or change any component for free.
  • We also have a team of engineers who are able to perform the following:
    ▪ Replacement or failed electronic replacement
    ▪ LED module with service community problems
    ▪ Fixing dead pixels or any failed module
    ▪ Color and calibration problems/repairs
    ▪ Receiving card or sending card failure
    ▪ Cabling or hue issues
    ▪ Maintainment
    ▪ Marketplace sell
    ▪ Submission for ticket for maintenance or repairment

Video Content


  • Our specialized content design studio has the hardware expertise that can
    enable an understanding of any graphical and digital media aspect.

Site & Project Management: Client & Team Integration Management


There are options in which you can choose from, ranging from what you need for us to take care of, and more.

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