Our Transparent LED display installation on New Babylon, NL


    The building complex New Babylon reached us, at Street Co’, to enhance their main entrance windows. Since they didn’t have the design touch to create something attractive, innovative and still matching the architecture of the building, New Babylon found us on internet and reached us to help them with our expertise and creative eye. Situated in Rotterdam, New Babylon is a building complex that is part of the buildings around the Central Station, which is the business district of the city. New Babylon now consists of a shopping center, offices, two residential towers and a hotel. The north side of the complex is marked by a 102 m high tower, the ‘Park Tower’. On the south side stands the 142-meter-high “City Tower”. The tower is topped by a 16 meter high flagpole, the highest in the Netherlands. This give New Babylon an important visibility which allowed our designers a lot of creative possibilities and option to make the complex stand out even more.

    In 2014, New Babylon asked us, at Street Co’ , to bring them even more visibility. So our teams agreed on choosing high and large Transparent LED panels to fix on the entrance windows. Transparent LED displays feature :

    • a 80% transparency

    • 6000 nits brightness

    • Indoor displays Pixel pitch go from 2 mm to 37.5 mm

    • Outdoor displays Pixel pitch go from 15.6 mm to 100 mm

    We used 16mm pixel pitch to have an optimal quality image depending on the viewing distance, the total of the Transparent LED panels is about 55 square meters and covers most of the facade.

    The Transparent LED Glass Panels allow the actual building window to become a digital surface and screen capable of displaying video, animation, social media, photos, creative animations and video. Previously to achieve this projectors had to be used with only limited success during daytime. Today with the transparent Glass LED all the limitations are removed and can be easily fitted to existing buildings or new planned construction.

    With the Transparent Glass LED panels it is now possible to attach LED panels directly to the glass by way of the innovative mounting technique. The options of gluing, hanging, mounting all help to overcome a variety of location issues particular to each project. In addition is can be designed to install onto the vertical window frame.

    To chose wisely your Transparent LED display, check the vision distance/pixel pitch ration just bellow :


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