Our Building Transparent LED facade project for Al Saif, in Abu Dhabi

    Street Co’ was contacted by Al Saif Graphics, an advertising company based in Abu Dhabi since 2003.

    They reached us to help them with a project for one of their clients. The project that they needed help on was for a media facade for a new building. They wanted a outdoor transparent LED Curtain Screen that would be installed and cover the building facade for the use of advertising, and that would enhance the building facade. We helped them determine the best ratio for their budget, in order to have a creation that has a good proportion of LED design and external structure, to make their budget the most profitable possible.

    Al saif graphics needed our help with the whole project. We were able to help them with the whole project from start to finish. Our team flew over to Dhabi to help with the whole construction and was able to assist in person.

    Our design team was able to design the facade that would be placed on the side of the building. Our engineering team was responsible for constructing the LED displays.

    These LED displays can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Street Co. has worked with buildings such as office buildings, commercial buildings and skyscrapers. We recommend these LED displays because they offer high quality resolution, they enhance your building and truly show its beauty through an architectural standpoint.

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    See a 3D preview of a LED building facade installation