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Orange HQ – Smile

Orange HQ - Smile


LED mesh

Client : Orange

During 2022 StreetCo’ was contracted by Mamou-Mani to install a LED Mesh in the headquarter of Orange in Issy-les-Moulineaux.

Mamou-Mani Ltd is a new kind of architectural practice specialising in digitally-designed and fabricated architecture, custom products and interfaces. They now also offer Parametric Consultancy and Designs for the Metaverse.
Their ambition is to work with clients to create sustainable designs that will not only help our planet, but also trigger instant curiosity and awe. This pushes them to constantly innovate using new processes, technologies and biomaterials to revolutionise our environment.

Context / environment : Orange Headquarter

Our project is for the interiors of Orange Worldwide Headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris .
The aim was to welcome everyone through the soft thread of natural textures. Welcoming everyone back to the office after years of COVID quarantine. Through the soft thread of natural textures and three key projects to welcome the employee.

Solution to install a LED Mesh

After a few months studying the possibilities we decided to go for Strip Curtain / M Series.

Smile at the Orange worldwide H.Q. 150m long parametric origami emerging from the entrance walls and opening them up to a gentle display of glowing, diffused and changing lights.

The sinuous yet mineral geometry is inspired by lava flows cracking open to reveal their inner warmth. The folds on the 4000 laser cut modules gave structural strength to the paper thin powder-coated zintec sheets.

The warm glow of molten lava opening up through a flowing origami river. This is what inspired our Smile at the Orange worldwide H.Q.

Project Lead Time: 1 month

Materials & laboUr

After studying the feasibility of the custom solution at length with the engineers at Street Communication, the team settled on a solution of Linear Mesh Curtain LED.

A support structure is also studied by Mamou Mani at length until the end of the project to achieve a perfect result and integration allowing the client to see only the part desired by the architects.

Challenge to install a LED Mesh

For this project, the biggest challenge was to perfectly combine the LEDs with the structure that was created for the occasion. So that the rendering is as natural as possible and that we just see the lights without seeing the source.

Impact : Install Flexible LED mesh

The goal of this project was to renovate the bulding’s entrance after the COVID crisis to improve the employees’ workspace and make it more pleasant.


  • Technicians

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Developers


  • Date : 2022

  • Location : Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

  • Status : Completed

    • Client : Mamou-Mani + Orange

  • Team : Street Co’ + Mamou Mani

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