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  • Outdoor transparent LED Screen
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Outdoor transparent LED Screen

Product features

  • Full LED encapsulation, IP65 Waterproof Dustproof Anti-collision.
  • 60%-95% transmittance, seamless connection.
  • Super slim and slight, easy window installation.
  • Energy conservation, material heat dissipation.
  • Neat frame, front and rear access.
  • Stacking, Hoisting installation.
  1. Main Lock
  2. Mate Lock
  3. Edge Lock
  4. Handle
  5. Signal Light
  6. Signal Output Air-plug
  7. Power Output Air-plug
  8. Signal Input
  9. Power Input
  10. Module
  11. Power Supply Box
  12. Power Snaps
O-Crystal Product features
O-Crystal LED Design

LED Design

Gluing encapsulation on the LED lamps and strips for defending the collision and preventing water permeant.

Excellent protection

  1. Gluing encapsulation, anti-collision, waterproof.
  2. Voluntarily evaporation from surface.
  3. Anti-collision by severe impaction.
  4. No damage / No LED failure from the impact.
O-Crystal excellent protection
O-Crystal Product installation and maintenance

Product Installation and maintenance

Front and Rear access

Tough and durable design, only replace the LED strips by the faulty, saving cost maintenance, easy fixing from front and rear.

O-Crystal Front and rear access
O-Crystal easy and quick for installation and maintenance

Easy and quick for Installation and Maintenance

Standardized cast aluminum design ith quick locks and connectors for fixed andd rental installations. Light weight, ultra-slim, easy for installation and maintenance.

High protective performance

High protective against collision, statics, collision, moisture, dust etc. Better ensurance for life long usage.

O-Crystal high protective performance

Fast installation, easy maintenance