NSN Series Packshot

NSN Series

NSN Series

  • NSN Glass LED Series
  • Full Color and Maximum transparency

NSN Glass LED series are specially developed and designed for high-end window advertising and in-store customer experiences. Nexnovo glass LED uses high density industrial tempered glass as base material and combined with their patented integrated-IC technology. This products is widely used for retail glass windows. Slinding Doors, Wall Partitions, Traffic Platforms, Landscape lighting and atrium in modern architectures.

NSN Series hhas high transparency, giving way to maximum impact on any creative content.

NSN Series Packshot

High quality glass led seriess

Drive-IN LED Technology

Integrated LEd chip & ICs, more precise control Elegant structure, more stable display effect True 16Bit gray scale, delicae and vivid color.

  • All-In-One solution
  • 1000mm/1188mm single cabinet width
  • 2000mm/2250mm/2500mm/2750mm/3000mm Height unlimited expansion at left and right side
NSN series drive-in led technology
NSN Series high brightness

High brightness / high transparency / high resolution

True 16 bits grey scales, guaranteeing clear colors and contrasts

Frameless and Seamless

Frameless design make the screen seamless playing contents, no more dividing lines or gaps P10 pixel, Birghtness up to 4000nits Playing perfect content during daylight.

NSN Series frameless and seamess
NSN Series water resistant and dust resistant

high transparency, let natural light in

With 92% transparency, your indoor spaces will look as bright as ever. Indoor spaces will stay bright without unobstructed views.

Water Resistant and dust resistant, safe. and reliable. IP65, waterproof and dustproof

Energy saving, Environment friendly, Stability and durability

Nano materials, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Special transparent glue, all in one design.

Ultra clear tempered glass
Transparent interlayer (PVB/SGP)
LED Glass
Ultra Clear tempered glass

Efficient heat dissipation, heat insulation, strong weater resistance.
LED lifetime 100 000 + hours, long lifetime.
Safe and reliable, UV resistant, sound insulation

NSN Series energy saving environment friendly

Fast installation, easy maintenance