Transparant LED faceted gespiegeld Samyan

Module panel LED schematic displays

Schematic Displays

Modular panels with LED to exterior face & faceted mirrored finish panel to interior.

5 Tiers of displays.

Content to play singular / multiple content per panel or per tier to cater for different retail opportunities on each floor. Modules to be fixed together and suspended from ceiling grid.
Cable management cased within panel – lightweight metal/acrylic material with ventilation.
Material exploration TBC. Central void for commissioned sculpture artists / Turbine Hall Tate Modern programme.

LED Panel example H1000mm x W500 mmLED panel h1000 mm w500 mm

Modular Screen Composition – TIER 1
H1000 mm x W500 mm & H500 x W500 mm Modules

Modular screen composition LED

Plan & ElevationPlan elevation LED module

LED Display Breakdown

Total display size :
80.8 SQM ApproxLED display breakdown

Schematic Displays

Reflective sculpture wrapped in digital displays arrayed on spines from ceiling grid. Display panels in sizes of
Content can be singular/multi content.
Data & power to be fed through support spines & structure to be disguised in barrisol reflective sculpture.

Schematische weergave LED sculpture

Plan Elevation

Plan elevation second approach LED

LED Display Breakdown

Total display size:
Panel size H300mm x W1450mm
14.4 SQM per sp

Plan elevation size design sculpture LED