Dubbelzijdig LED-scherm van de muur met hoge resolutie

Dubbelzijdig LED-scherm van de muur met hoge resolutie

Our Double-Sided LED Display provides two viewing sides, which can attract more passerby from both sides of the display. The video content displayed on the double-sided screen gets more exposure.

The double-sided screen has a front service maintenance; indeed, the modules have magnets which make it easy to remove with a suction pad.

Our double-sided screen is super lightweight, with only 36 kg/sqm.

Cabinets have a dimension of 500mm x 500mm and a thickness of 85 mm. It uses a die-casting aluminum material, which makes it strong and durable.

Extra informatie

Pixel Pitch (in mm)

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Helderheid (in cd / m²)

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Materiaal van de kast

Afmetingen kast (mm)

Resolutie van de module (in pixel)

, ,

Refresh Rate

Scan Mode

Kabinetsbesluit (in pixel)

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Cabinet Weight (in kg)



Stroomverbruik (in watt)


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