New LED Angled product : pixel pitch 1.8 mm

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    This angled LED screen is one of the latest stunning innovation in the LED domain. We created this curved screen only with angled LED modules, and without using any flexible LED module.

    It is that way of designing the screen that allow us to create a perfect curve without any gaps between the LED screen’s parts. Instead of assembling various modules to obtain the shape and size we need, we first create a very light but yet resistant cabinet for the screen.

    Inside of which we assembled various angled LED modules to each others.

    The more modules we have, the more the curve will be perfect. It allows us to create a more precise curved LED screen, since it reduces gaps between modules. The screen is soft, shiny and curved, which allows viewers to live a better cinematic experiment.

    This curved LED screen has a pixel pitch of 1.8mm and displays high quality images.

    It has a high refresh rate, bright colors, an efficient fanless cooling system, a high grey scale and a large vision angle. It is optimal for exhibitions, retail shops, airports, conference rooms…

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