MX Series XR Series Extended Reality

MX Series

MX Series

  • XR Series extended reality

7680 hz

Ultra high refresh rate enables, the camera to capture the ultimate display.

7680Hz MX Series
Anti-dazzle, anti-color cast MX Series

Anti-dazzle, Anti-color Cast

The color is consistent from different angles. No dead angle for camera’s tracking shooting.

Wider color gamut

Reach DCI-P3 standard. The wider color gamut can greatly restore colors of nature’s real color and create a perfect virtual environment.

WWider color gamut MX Series
modula design, front/rear maintenance MX Series

Modular Design, Front/Rear Maintenance

Control box + LED Frame + LED Module. Patented design of fully automatic corner protection. Smart module design. it is easy to mark the unworking well module, no blending, and good for inventory management.
ventilation hole design. The appearance design integrated the elements of audio amplifying holes, convenient for heat dissipation.

Dance Floor Seamles Splicing

The base is adjustable to adapt o different installation conditions. SPecial super black PC mask, anti-dazzle, vivid color non-slip and ear-resistant. Super strong loading ability. Loading ability up to 1500kg/m2.

WWider color gamut MX Series

Fast installation, easy maintenance