Media Mesh LED ceiling curved display

    Media Mesh LED ceiling curved display presentation

    It is a transparency, quick installation, easy maintenance, light weight and flexible system. Pixel Pitch from 30mm to 160mm selectable and visible in daylight. The media mesh LED is, UV-resistant, and designed to withstand outdoor elements, rendering it a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor environments. By providing a visual medium capable of being scaled to any size application for various media solutions (advertising, mega screen, media façade, etc).


    Scalable mesh system can be adapted to the geometry of any facade with no constraints on size. With a typical pixel pitch of 50mm, the mesh screen strikes an optimal balance between transparency and display resolution.

    Media LED mesh screen is a woven stainless steel fabric with integrated LED nodes that can be individually programmed to create coordinated lighting effects in any colors and sequences including video presentations.

    This transparent media facade system provides a see-through advertisement and communication platform that transforms architectural facade into a brilliant palette for text, graphics, video animations, and live broadcasts

    LED Mesh ceiling display fire

    Display Mesh LED ceiling red

    Mesh LED ceiling