Bridging the Old and the New: Mannheim Museum Embraces LED Columns Technology

Bridging the Old and the New:

Germany is central to not just European history, but in fact, Germany played an integral role in shaping the current geopolitical situation. The country is rich in history that is not only intriguing but also colourful and much of its past present and future is immortalised in the museums of Mannheim. . Whether you are an archaeology fan, lover of art, a full-fledged tinkerer or a star-gazer, the museums in Mannheim has something for everyone from just about anywhere.

From hidden treasures from Vietnam to Italian masterpieces immortalised on canvas to vivid images of the Milky Way the Mannheim’s museums are just filled with inspiring discoveries that dazzle the imagination. Even those who are not into history and futuristic discoveries are recommended to visit the Mannheim museum just to experience the ambience of the place that never fails to amaze those who visit.

The recent ‘renovations’ or rather ”facelift’ at the museum which includes a spectacular new building, give the Manheim museum ‘panache’ and there is no doubt that the architecture and fixtures within the building will ‘awe’ visitors and ‘rock’ their senses. The management of the Mannheim Museum managed to rope in Street Communication to ‘enhance the aesthetics’ of the venue and Street Communication did more than just enhance the venue with LED displays.

LED Column Screens @ Mannheim

Although in general, most people would expect to see rustic features or nostalgic decor in museums, the scenario at the Mannheim museum is tastefully different. This difference is mainly attributed to the LED columns that Street communication installed in the prestigious venue. This is primarily due to the fact that the LED screen columns lend a hand as bridges that connect the present with not just with the past, but the future as well

have always held their own stand literally within a building that draws visitors to them quite possibly due to the immense strain placed on columns by the building and those that visit the “Kunsthalle Mannheim” adds a new perspective on Mannheim of being a “city within the city” established more than a century ago.

essence, the LED column at Manheim ‘adds’ justice to Mannheim which is undoubtedly the most prestigious venue of civic collections in Germany. The LED screens blend in seamlessly with masterpieces by van Gogh, Francis Bacon and Auguste Rodin mainly due to the immaculately installed screens that project at high resolutions driven by equally capable graphics cards that churn superb graphics.

Technical Scope of the Mannheim LED Columns

The technical scope of the LED screen column at the Manheim Museum in Germany was made possible through the collaboration between Street Communication from France and Kufus.De a design company based in Germany. The collaborative effort was the result of the decision made by the management of the museum to inaugurate an exhibition within the walls of the building in order to create ‘something that is not just creative, but attractive’. This resulted in the installation of the LED column screens which seem to redefine the term ‘flexible’ for LED screens. The design of the projections along with the creative effect that splashed on the screen was as interesting as the masterpieces within the building itself. The creative effect and the creative shape of the LED column screens which in general is popular with the fashion industry seem to ‘assert’ its presence and command recognition of its place among the valuable items within the museum as ‘a piece of art’ on its own. For the technically savvy, the effort put into the 3D construction/ mapping of the LED column screens would be instantly obvious. Besides the graphics controllers, the flexible screen, placement and graphic design another factor that was critical to the project was the fine resolution owed to the pixel pitch size. The pixel pitch of LED screens is a reference to the space or distance between the LED lights on the screen in millimetres. The effects achieved were due to the ‘clever pitch play’ accorded to the screen by the tech wizards of Street Communication.

The ‘flexible pitch’ of these already flexible screens makes these screens incredibly versatile allowing them to be used for just about any purpose, anywhere at any time. Although the most popular pitch for columns is around 2.6 mm, the columns at Manheim were obviously fitted out with finer pitch size (1.9 mm could be the pixel pitch sizes for these columns based on the immaculate resolution). This gave viewers to view the projections on the columns at very close distances without ‘patching up’ which usually happens with larger pitch pixel sizes those only suit greater viewing distances.

Street Communication Makes its Mark in Germany

The name Street Communication is quickly becoming a world-renowned name within the LED screen industry as their ‘impact projects’ dot the entire European continent whilst tagging some of the leading brands of other industries. From their project at the Barcelona airport which involved Volkswagen, to Adidas Boost and Printemps in France to the Rive Gauche’s store, St Petersburg, Russia, Street communication has been making waves. Now their magical touch dots the 12,600 square metres of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums in Mannheim that takes visitors to the place into an entirely different realm altogether. The reason behind the fact that Kufus.De called in the ‘marines of LED installations’ Street Communication all the way from France to execute the project is understandable as the Manheim museums are world-class destinations that hold high-profile exhibitions from time to time. The moment an individual steps into the museum, his or her journey begins through a two-millennia-long tunnel of art and cultural history that will lead them back to who they were, are and perhaps ‘will be’. From the World Cultures section that zips visitors back to 30,000 years ago to the magnificent jade sceptre that was once wielded by a Vietnamese Emperor of Vietnam, the Mannheim has a lot to offer and the LED Screen Columns is one of them!

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