LG flexible OLED screen curved shape S

    LG flexible OLED screen curved shape S presentation

    Street Co can design any custom made OLED screen with any size and shape. We have a team of structural and LED engineers to come up with all calculation engineering drawings.

    This project was done for a UK customer who wanted to add a digital original touch to his premises.

    We came up with this S shape OLED screen to be integrated within their wall – It gives 3D feel and add to the wall an innovative touch to this curve, flexible OLED screen display.

    Street Co’s team of OLED and structural engineers, Designers will come up with Engineering structural drawings, stability calculation, 3D model and execution.

    All requirements that were discussed in the initial brief have been taken into account including purpose, measurements and planning.

    Curved OLED flexible screen display dancer

    The following steps will take place:

    a. Design construction plans of the product and solution. Our team of OLED product design, designer and engineer will come up with few safe and convenient options based on the structure your team will share with us – That will be shared on commissioning.

    b. OLED modules manufacturing. The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for the structure.

    c. Pre-assembly of OLED modules at warehouse

    d. Test in warehouse

    e. Product and solution adjustment if needs to be

    f. Transport and delivery on site

    g. On-site installation

    h. Video signal test

    i. Content management & broadcasting test onsite

    Flexible screen OLED shape S display

    Display flexible screen OLED cars light

    OLED shape S curved flexible display Origine Modern


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