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LED screen retail windows facade for Akilis

LED screen retail windows facade for Akilis

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Akilis is a jewelries well placed in the center of Paris that sells high quality bracelets, necklaces, and rings. All their products are very designed and modern.

Mixed French jewelry, combining daring design and traditional know-how. Creative and innovative collections.

Les Visuels is a communication agency located in Paris that is specialised in:

  • Visual identity
  • Institutional communication
  • Advertising communication
  • Website.

Context / environment

The owner of the shop decided to use the company « Les Visuels » to help them find a way of highlighting some of their jeweleries

that were showcased on the front of the shop facing the street were plenty of people are passing by. Having thought of a dynamic LED screen solution, LesVisuels turned to us and our expertise. The showcase is already equipped with boxes on each side of the main entrance containing several products, we had to study the different possibilities with the modules and cabinet sizes that we have available to fit the screens perfectly in these locations (box size and screen size).

The goal here was to bring the jewelry from the store to life by adding dynamique content on the back of the products with enough resolution to be apealing to the customer. Fine Pitch LED screens seemed to be the fit for this kind of neat digital integration because LED panels have no frame all around and no feets so it would give an immersive impression by fitting the boxes containing the product perfectly. The LED cabinets needed to be large enough so it could be self-standing.

In regards of the quality of the environment and the high-end customer expected to come by, everything had to be perfectly integrated without any cables being visible to customers.

The control system needed the be as simple as possible and autonomous.


We have had to equip 2 boxes containing jewelries. The size of the jewelery boxes were of exactly 66cmx68cm.

We found a way to create 2 custom screens of exactly 61cm x68cm using a fine P1.58 pixel Pitch with a small asynchronous sending card installed on the back of each screen that enable the client to change the content very simply with an USB key plugged in the sending card.

Result Video

Quality control

Materials & laboUr

-4 units of P1.58 LED cabinets of 610x340mm

-4 receiving cards

-1 Colorlight Sending box:

2 staff for 1 day was needed to install this screen.


People walking in the street and passing by the Akilis shop are slowing down or are even stoping for a moment to have a look at those highlighted jeweleries in front of those dynamique screen. The screens also help a lot to communicate more information with he client about the product he or she sees behind the glass window. They can showcase someone wearing the product or show the production process, etc.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grasshopper /
  • Installation
  • Technology System Design
  • Video/interactive content creation
  • Prototyping
  • User Experience


  • First Client : Akilis

  • Date: 2020

  • Location: 354 RUE SAINT-HONORÉ 75001 Paris, France

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: Les Visuels

  • Team: Street Co’ Paris + Street Co’ Shenzhen


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