LED Outdoor Facade for the Bitexco Financial Tower

    Recently, the Bitexco Group approached our team here at Street Communication.

    They were interested in installing a series of LED lights on the exterior of their headquarters in Vietnam – the Bitexco Financial Tower in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As the Bitexco Financial Tower is the highest building in Vietnam, we needed a new approach to determine what kind of solution it needed. We used a drone to scope out the building and its specifications to create an individualized LED solution and do the necessary calibrating. Some of the drone footage is included here. From the drone, you can see the multitude of windows that the Bitexco Financial group wanted LED screens to be installed in. The end result will be breathtaking, and more importantly: visible from very far away. Our LED will keep the Bitexco Financial Center at the forefront of the world’s modern skyscrapers.



    Street Communication’s designers and engineering team have worked hard to come up with an innovative LED Facade design for the Bitexco Group that will be visually stunning and technically progressive.

    Using curved and flexible LED display technology, our team designed an LED Facade that wraps around the building.

    Street communication is a highly specialized company providing world-leading consultancy, design and manufacturing services for even the most challenging LED Media Façade, Mediatecture and LED lighting projects.


    We collaborate closely with our architects, lighting designers and construction engineers, to specify and design a LED display and lighting solutions which facilitates the design and realization of the unique projects of our clients.

    In addition to a stunningly high quality technical solution, most of our clients also expect their LED Media Façade system to seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of the building architecture. Where it becomes clear from the design brief that a standard solution is insufficient, Street communication can also offer the required custom product-design, prototyping and manufacturing to deliver a tailor-made solution which preserves the unique design of the building.

    Street communication is also specialized in all customs LED display screen.

    Amongst our specialities you can find:

    • Flexible LED
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    • Donut LED display
    • Ceiling LED display
    • LED display screen
    • Circle LED
    • Custom LED

    Client: Bitexco Group

    Tasks: Design, design proposal, production and installation of the LED Facade

    Location : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Dates : Ongoing