LED Mesh media facade


    Developed by Street Communication team alone, Legend series LED Mesh media facade adopts aluminum material and unique heat dissipation design which all guarantee the transparency. The hollow design and strip shape make it ever lighter than traditional display. Available in pitch 8/16 mm,16/16 mm, 16/33 mm, 33/33 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 50/50 mm (vertical/horizontal), Legend series can be applied in exterior wall of building, heterogeneous cityscape, CBD, lounge display and stage.

    Strips and hollow logoStrip and hollow design ensure ventilation and transparency

    ultra light logoUltra light, 30%-60% lighter than traditional display

    ultra slim logoUltra slim, minimum only 12 mm, including structure 110 mm

    Longer working life logoLonger working life, Up to 100,000 hours, strong reliability

    Great heat dissipationGreat heat dissipation with aluminium and separated design of power supply and light strip

    Quick installation logoQuick installation, <10s to install or remove a unit

    LED Mesh media facade is durable, lightweight, and can make any custom shape! Our led mesh product solution includes digital packages necessary software and powerful servers to run centrally managed displays.

    Our LED Media Mesh facade series systems reinvent the large-scale media experience.

    LED Mesh Curtains have become a popular signage solution because of its lightweight, easy to install features. Led Mesh can be customized into many different sizes and smoothly and perfectly fits into architectural lighting and decorating applications.

    The sophisticated, scalable, semi-transparent LED system elegantly transforms any surface into a brilliant palette for graphics, text, and video animations in full color (RGB).

    LED Mesh Versatility

    LED Mesh media facade is a digital sign and once installed can display different programs for many different types of application

    • Outdoor building facade
    • nonstandard shapes like a digital building column
    • DJ Stage
    • Ceiling LED
    • bride and groom video background at the big wedding
    • Sports bars like big TVs
    • Dance floors
    • nightclubs
    • theater scenery
    • temporary rental screens
    • Restaurants/clubs
    • Stage for events concerts and bars

    are all areas where LED Mesh could be used. Many applications do not necessarily need high definition graphics so the cost can be much lower than you may expect. DJ Stages for example, are used more for light patterns than for graphics.

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    LED Mesh media facade product features

    No steel structure - front install &maintenance

    CE-EMC-ETL compliance

    High transparency

    Lightweight and ultra slim 8-15kg/sqm

    Front/back IP67 - UV resistant

    Low power consumption

    Historically LED signage was used outdoors for message centers at the high school and billboards at the auto mall. LED Mesh media facade has brought LED technology indoors. Its light weight, range of lamp pitch and ability to create different shapes opens up new applications for architects and decorators. Some panels can go around curves; in fact if you do a Google image search of LED Mesh you will see many building size installations, mostly in Asia where this technology is the most widespread.

    The lightweight, high brightness and ability to hang from an overhead support makes LED Mesh a good option inside store windows. It can be as big as the window and can be seen in daylight. It can be an inexpensive, crude pitch to use as an attention-getting backdrop for other merchandise or fine pitch to use as any large digital sign. It can be easily moved so maybe in the summer it is displaying beach scenes in the window and in winter, part of the Santa Clause exhibit inside.

    We have been working with LED Mesh for many years and can help you determine if this technology has application for you. We also work with traditional LED video walls and can help you decide which one could be better for your project. This product is gaining acceptance very fast and we will close by showing you another example you probably see every day but may not have thought about. Many of the talking heads you see on TV are in front of a LED Mesh screen – This is typical of modern newsrooms today.


    Here is an example of attaching system for led mesh on a concrete building. A simple support structure to be installed on the concrete wall then each panel are being attached to the support structure.



    Here is an example of attaching system for led mesh on a glass building. A simple support structure to be installed on the main support structure of the building or on the slab of each floor – Then each panel are being attached to the newly created support structure.


    Adopted high logoAdopted high efficient chips, linear arrangement, high brightness & contrast

    Both general and customized logoBoth general & customized system to meet various broadcasting requirements

    Multi screen logoMulti-screen display, multichannel switch freely

    Save installation space logoSave installation space, easy maintenance, low service cost

    Adjustable brightness logoAdjustable brightness to fit different environment needs

    Stable and flawless logoStable & flawless design, Consummate techniques

    Size mesh led legend series

    Available in pitch 8/16 mm,16/16 mm, 16/33 mm, 33/33 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 50/50 mm (vertical/horizontal), Legend series can be applied in exterior wall of building, heterogeneous cityscape, CBD, lounge display and stage.

    MESH legend seriesAdopted aluminium material & 3 strip in 1 unit fixed design to maintain the flatness

    Double shift Double shift rotation stud

    MatchinginstallationMatching installation structural components

    Adopting female headerAdopting female header/pin header, waterproof rubber ring, screws fixation

    Quick and easy installationQuick & easy installation

    LED mesh products


    Transparency, high brightness, slim and thinner, Street Communication Legend service are perfect for large area installation and lighting decoration solutions




    LED Mesh panels lock together so you can build as big a section as desired. The software will then scale your picture to whatever size you need. This is the ideal product for rental companies as they can have a big inventory and rent the customer only what he needs. This is so popular in fact that a standard option we offer is to package your LED Mesh screen in flight cases with wheels so you can ship them from event to event.




    Trade shows and theater scenery can be easily set up by hanging the entire screen from a temporary structure as the trade show picture clearly demonstrates. The picture also illustrates that when the screen is lit you see nothing of the structure or the LED Mesh panels, only the graphics. We have many locations where LED Mesh is permanently installed and since it allows light through, can be installed over windows for applications that are used at night but want the daylight when the screen is off.

    This is especially useful when the screen needs to be installed from outdoor as the glass window doesn’t allow fixation system from the inside.

    LED Mesh can also be used outdoors. We have panels that are waterproof, bright enough to be used in daylight and can be installed permanently. We have had customers hang it on the side of their building and others mount it to the side of a truck trailer to make a movable sign.

    Digital signage is all about the artwork or the message you want to display and LED Mesh adds another dimension, excitement when used at concerts and clubs. You have seen LED Mesh on TV at the Grammies and countless other events. Bars and nightclubs are natural customers as those with live music can liven up the room with a LED Mesh DJ Stage.

    LED Mesh comes in fine pitch for graphics as well as crude pitch for light patterns adding to its versatility. Live concerts will have many panels, some hanging overhead because it is lightweight but LED Mesh has more applications besides theater.

    We have sold big screens to hockey rinks and similar sports venues. It can be a scoreboard and also display beer commercials. LED Mesh has all the functionality of any LED sign except is light weight allows it to be installed in areas where traditional LED would be too bulky. Tight pitch LED Mesh gets better every year so that it now competes with LCD video walls in some areas. LCD, of course, has much higher resolution but when you build a giant video wall it is for viewers far enough away to see all of it and the resolution of the LED Mesh may be acceptable.

    Some customers prefer LED Mesh video walls because of the brightness and color saturation that is different than LCD video walls. The disadvantage is of course resolution but LED Mesh has a look of its own and it is gaining in popularity because of the ability to create large displays at a reasonable cost.



    1. Transparency

    TransparencyTransparency : Strip shape and hollow design ensure the ventilation and illumination

    2. Slim and thin

    Slim and thinSlim&thin: 30%-60% lighter than traditional one, reduce the structure load and installation cost

    3. Windload capacity

    Windload capacityWindload capacity: 35%-70% transparent rate caries with the pixel pitches, effectively reduces wind-drag

    4. Great heat dissipation

    Great heatGreat heat dissipation: aluminum material & unique heat dissipation design separated power supply from light bars

    5. Installation

    InstallationInstallation: It needs only 10 seconds to install or remove a cabinet with maintenance tool; fool-proofing design, easy installation

    6. Stability

    StabilityStability: separation design of light bars and power supply high property components reduce output; consummate techniques ensure stability

    7. Maintenance

    Maintenance: both front & rear service, with only several screws to remove light barsMaintenance

    Maintenance: 10s to remove the cabinet and replace dead or fault lamp

    LED mesh VS traditional display:

    1. Light weight & low wind load. Street Communication LED mesh transparency up to 70% effectively reduce wind-drag.
    2. Quick installation, footless steel structure, both front & rear installation; air condition-free installation means low power consumption
    3. Easy maintenance: both front & rear maintenance; several screws to dismantle light bars without replacing the cabinet; or you can remove the cabinet quickly then maintain the light bar
    4. Highly integrated, fool-proof design, built-in power supply & receiving card, per unit can work individually; power and signal share same wire
    5. High IP rating up to IP65, efficient component and exquisite technology, stable performance.

    8. Package

    Package: individual package of components, back rack & cabinet


    Packed in flight case: 2 cabinets in a group, 4 groups in a case. Individual package of components and back frame, avoid pressing & save room
    Packed in wooden case: the same

    9. Systematic solutions

    Systematic solutions : Combination of general & customized system

    package system

    General system: meet basic needs of regular display.
    Customized system: applied in urban landscape modeling; background design of stage. The whole system based on the combination of creative display & landscape lighting

    10. Power supply & signal

    Power supply & signal: Individual package of components, back rack, cabinet
    Power supply and signal

    A front view of cabinet, left side is signal input, right side is power supply input. (AC 240/110 ±10%, 50 ~ 60 Hz)

    11. Energy-saving

    Energy-saving: leading green technology

    Allowing LED unique advantages longevity and energy-saving into full play

    12. Additional design

    Additional design: slot bracket on the back, keep the structure neat

    Plastic slot bracket simplify the display structure, maintain the transparency. 3*2.5 m2 wires connects 8-10 cabinets horizontally

    13. Easy & quickly installation

    easy and quick installationA bolt, two kinds parts, the three process together complete the basic installation structure

    14. Simplest steel structure, diversified forms

    simple steel structureScreen models

    15. Multiple color options, customization welcomed

    Multiple color options

    Parameters LEGEND LED Mesh

    LED mesh is mainly adopted in building exterior walls, glass curtain wall, sightseeing lifts, window display, stage background, urban landscape and so on. Street Communication is a leading LED system solution provider including LED mesh, creative display & landscape lighting.

    Note: semi-custom supported.