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Bontempo Group The transformation of spaces into messages. The communication of the aura and fascination of international brands in three dimensions. In a vast range of industries – not only in Germany but all over Europe – including lifestyle, fashion and cosmetics, high-tech and sports, finance and insurance, gastronomy, health and wellness. That’s what bontempo has stood for sinse 1988. Since January 2016 they have joined a group of companies, restructured with three divisions: bontempo concepts, bontempo cubics + circles und bontempo production + performance.

Context / environment

Event: BGW National Care Day 2019
City: Berlin
Work Type: Exhibition stand
Category: Exhibitions

“Strengthen care with strong partners” is the motto of Germany’s major annual event for care professionals, the Deutsche Pflegetag (German Care Day) in Berlin.

The bontempo group was instructed by the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Medical Services and Welfare Work (BGW) to design and implement the exhibition “Cultural Dimensions”, for the German National Care Day held from 14 to 16 March 2019 at STATION in Berlin. With a much-noted exhibition, the BGW (Employers‘ liability insurance association for healthcare and social welfare) brought valuable impulses for mastering mental challenges in care professions.

The highlight of the exhibition were three new interactive modules that bontempo realised especially for BGW. Visitors were able, for example, to determine the appearance of their personal space by means of LED-lit flooring equipped with sensors. A special eye-catcher in this context was a hologram of a person. This new type of animation used to communicate inter-cultural differences was among the major crowd-pullers at the leading care congress


Street Co’ has been appointed as the technical partner to supply the LED display interactive floor screens turnkey solution while bontempo were managing the relationship with the client.

Street Co’ has worked closely with Bontempo to build the flooring tiles LED display screens that were to be fitted at as many exhibition shows as possible.

The first client was BGW Nation car which experienced the solution with a custom-made application that had for objective of measuring how far away people would stand to say ‘Hello’ according to the nationality.

You can measure the distance from the step that would be highlighted on the interactive LED floor display.

The app content was built in unity and created by the artist Cyril from Uncannyvalley through Street Co’ studio.

Result Video

Materials & laboUr

Specification of the interactive LED floor game for bontempo

  • The floor was recessed inside a custom made raised floor
  • We used 2 conduits to bring power through 1 circuit
  • 2 Signal inputs One working as back up and one as the main signal
  • Size: Length: 3m x 1m
  • The LED floor display use a Pitch 5.2 with a resolution of W1152xH480 px
  • The control system uses a Novastar Mctrl 510p
  • LED Model Goldenwire
  • Size: Width 8’4
  • Module Size (mm) 250×250
  • Tile size (mm) 500×500
  • Resolution (WxH) 48×48
  • Driver MBI SMD – 5120
  • Refresh Rate 1940Hz
  • Scan Type 1/8
  • Brightness (nits) 3500
  • Led Brand Nationstar
  • Both indoor and outdoor use

Interactive LED floor games installation steps:

  1. Make sure the substrate is completely free of dust, clean, neat and levelled
  2. Install the LED floor leg one on each corner
  3. Prepare the wiring of each section
  4. Lay down the LED panel
  5. Put them together on each quarter of the leg
  6. Level the floor making sure each module is flush with each other and with the edge of each floor
  7. Set up the control room
  8. On the software make the mapping to set the complete image

It took 1.5 days and2 staff members to accomplish this project.


  • Creating the custom application to meet the requests of the customer
  • The app was connected to a 186xm LCD screen that displayed live content – So another integration was required.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Grassauper /

  • Installation

  • Video/ interactive content creation in unity

  • Prototyping

  • User Experience

  • Prototyping


Test Installation Video