LED integrated glass screen fully transparent

    LED integrated glass screen fully transparent presentation

    LED integrated Glass is a truly interactive building material with full media functionality and even capable of two-way communication bred by convergence of architecture and electronic industry. I personally believe that this revolutionary product will strongly influence modern architectural trends throughout the world.
    We, Street Communication, will continue to strive to deliver high quality products and customer satisfaction through continued dedicated R&D and upgraded service effort. Not only that, we promise to develop Street Communication into a world-class institution providing differentiated value and out-of-the-box building material solution to the worldwide architectural industry.

    Transparent fully screen LED integrated glass display pink

    LED Mounting

    Mounting machine – the mounting machines in use differ from ordinary SMT machines commonly in use, and are capable to place LED modules. With the possibility to process glasses with the dimension of 3m x 2m, the machines in use are currently the world’s largest chip-mounting SMT machine in the world, who can produce smart glass in mass production scale.

    High transparency

    Transparency can reach up to 75%-95% with the highest resolution, screen is almost invisible when viewed from 5 meter.

    Stable performance

    Countless and strict testing before products leave the factory and enjoy good reputation among clients.

    Beautiful appearance design

    Transparent LED modular design and simple structure make it more clear and transparent.

    Easy transportation with light weight

    Only 12 kg/sqm including all the structure and power supply, which is half the weight of traditional LED screen.


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