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DO YOU KNOW WHAT is LED IN GLASS transparent screen ?

LED in glass screen, also known as electroluminescent glass.

The LED in glass is transparent, explosion-proof, waterproof, UV-resistant, designable.

It is mainly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, furniture design, lighting design, outdoor curtain wall glass, sunroom design, and other fields.

This tool allows you to capture the attention of your customers or people passing by as well as to mark the spirits during events. It adapts to any type of event thanks to the multitude of possible animations.

LED in glass transparent screen
ON offices and buildings

What is the difference between LED in glass FILM and
transparent led display?

the best way

to communicate


your customers

Both LED glass and transparent led display have high permeability, which does not affect indoor lighting and viewing line of sight. It can be used on the glass curtain wall and glass window to display dynamic full-color video and picture promotion information.

As a new advertising medium, they promote the development of the advertising media industry. Of course, LED glass and transparent LED display also have great differences.

The biggest difference is the difference in appearance. The LED glass is made of glass, and the LED lamp is embedded in the glass.

The difference in the form of the two affects the application field. The application range of the transparent LED display is more inclined to the glass wall of the commercial building and the glass window of the chain store.

Le Pixel pitch peut être de P20 a P80 pour le inglass alors que le standard transparent à un pitch comprit entre P2.6×2.6 a P15x15 il y a donc plus de résolution possible avec le inglass.

The Inglass range has glass included, ranging from 1m wide or less to 3m high or less.

The standard transparent range has cabinets of 1000×500 mm

The LED glass itself is a safety glass, and it is also a laminated glass for a building.

It has the energy-saving effect of UV protection and partial infrared and can be widely used in indoor and outdoor applications.

Due to the energy-saving characteristics of the LED itself, the LED glass is extremely energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


transparent screen

An ecological


the avantages of


in glass



  • Video visible in full sunlight and keep transparency
  • See through from the inside as well
  • Real live video images in glass
  • Easy to install and replace LEDS
  • No limits in size

Giant LED screens are more environmentally friendly than large format display solutions, surprising isn’t it?

Indeed, display solutions are renewed several times a year. Therefore, large format LED displays are a great alternative to save ink, paper and labour.

LEDs are known to be less energy consuming than LCD solutions.




with LED in glass film

EXAMPLES OF LED IN glass transparent screen
interactive in events

An interactive Led in glass transparent
screen to stimulate your customers

The led in glass screen reacts live to the customer’s movements

Many animations and activities are available.

They serve as a basis for customization, and we can easily integrate your background images, logos, videos or even 2D or 3D animated graphic elements.

Give your event a futuristic effect

British Telecom using a led in glass in our office

British Telecom is the British historical telecommunications operator. The company is independent and operates in more than 170 countries around the world. Almost one third of its revenues come from its Global Services subsidiary.

BT has set up an office renovation project with one of our partners.

The LED chosen are LED in glass P40 IGU (1m x 2.246m) with a combination of 5 panels and 3 panels each.

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