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interactive led floor in walnut capital

Client : walnut capital install a led floor interactive

Our Customer for this project is a very reputable real estate management, brokerage and development company that it taking over the city of Pittsburgh and growing exponentially each and every year. This year, we were honored in helping Walnut Capital deliver LED displays that fit in perfectly with their unique and innovative building and square which they call “Bakery Square”.

Walnut partnered with Google and Philips to create a unique work environment in the heart of Pittsburgh’s East End. This technology driven area is the benchmark that separates Walnut from all the rest. This area includes, diverse dining and shopping, newly built apartments, and an atmosphere that is inviting.

Context / environment : choose a interactive led floor

Street Co LLC was contacted by Walnut Capital to create something Unique and innovating to catch people’s attention. They renovated an old Nabisco Bakery that was once a renown Biscuit factory in the city of Pittsburgh for years. With Walnuts exceptional renovating, this invited many industries and companies such as Google, Philips Technology, Medical offices, Co working spaces, etc.

Walnut wanted to have an inviting attraction to their Philips Lobby, and also a connector that would have heavy foot traffic from one building to the other that was occupied by Google.

After brainstorming ideas with their team, and providing them with various LED options. We decided to suggest them our Interactive LED floor for the connector, and our small pitch LED for their Lobby.

This fits well with their goal of providing the visitors who visit both the Philips space, and the Google space, with fun and inviting LED displays that catch each and every person’s attention who walks through the space.

  • Interactive LED Floor

    The interactive LED floor for Walnut was created to fill an area where buildings 2.0 and 3.0 of Bakery square meet, and where heavy foot traffic runs along. The main objective for this project was to create a fun interactive environment for all to enjoy! Companies that rent Bakery squares space such as Philips technologies, Google, co-working space, health care units, and many more get to enjoy this fun and inviting technology as they go about their daily routine. Walnut wanted their patrons to enjoy every single aspect of this LED floor, so as they walk about the floor and interact with the content, this gives them a time to escape the work reality. And get in touch with the interactivity that brings out a smile to any one lucky enough to walk upon it.

Solution : set up a interactive led floor

Interactive LED Floor

  • 19.50 sqm of aluminum structure
  • MCTRL 510
  • 1 PC-ACER Predator Hellos 300 Gaming Laptop
  • Receiving Cards?
  • 1 Street Co Team

We had teamed up with Strada LLC who were the design team for Walnut, to design a concept for the LED floor and Small Pitch LED Wall.

We started with:

  • Consultation; Coordinating with several Architects, Electrical engineers, Building Managers, Construction team, and the CEO’s of Walnut to make sure we suggest the best pricing and LED products that fit their concepts for the space.
  • Price Matrix: We provided them with a very easy, insightful, informative, and broad array of pricing and products to fit their budget.
  • Proposed 3D visuals of how the space would look
  • Engineered CAD files for their Structural Engineers and Electrical engineers
  • Detailed execution plan for all three displays
  • Full turnkey solution
  • Project Management
  • On-site Install team
  • Programming

The project has a full 2-year warranty

Materials & laboUr

Interactive LED Floor

  • 19.50 sqm of aluminum structure
  • MCTRL 510
  • 1 PC-ACER Predator Hellos 300 Gaming Laptop
  • Receiving Cards?
  • 1 Street Co Team

Challenge to install a led floor interactive

We ran into a challenge:

We had to find a solution for this space, because this area was connected by an overpass, and met another hallway at a 90-degree angle, we had to make sure the slope and angle of our structure and LED’s fit perfectly with the space.

Impact for a company to choose a led flooor interactive

The 20 sqm Interactive Floor is the hub of two world-class technology companies in this building. In fact, the interactivity of the floor provides a momentary stress-free environment for the individuals walking through the Google space and interacting with the seamless content that the floor provides.


  • 3D CAS Drawings
  • Installation
  • Unity interactive Games + Content
  • Interior Design
  • AV integration
  • Technology System Design
  • Structural Design
  • Signal Connection Designs
  • Power connection Designs


  • Date:  2020

  • Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Status: COMPLETE

  • Client:  Walnut Capital

  • Team:  Street Co’ US + Shenzhen Offices

quality control

Engineering of interactive led floor

diagramm connexion for interactive led floor

fixation system

Installation of led floor

led floor installation
led floor installation
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