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Zappos- Led floor interactive display

Zappos- Led floor interactive display



Client : zappos using a led floor interactive

Zappos is an Internet shoe retailer led by Tony Hsieh, a subsidiary of Amazon and based in Las Vegas. The company was founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn and launched under the domain name The company was purchased by Amazon in 2009 for $1.2 billion. Amazon purchased all of the outstanding shares and warrants from Zappos for 10 million shares of Amazon’s common stock and provided $40 million in cash and restricted stock for the Zappos employees. By 2007, the company expanded to include handbags, eyewear, clothing, watches, and kids’ merchandise.

Context / environment

Our shops is located in Louisville in Kentucky inside the Mall St Matthews.

This shop decided to have I Series P5.2 Interactive LED Floor.

They contacted Street Co’ to help design the LED floor screen display that would fit right inside of the new concept store of Zappos. However, this project is a year behind schedule because of COVID-19.

The client has shared CAD drawings of the floor plan and the main objective was to use LED displays to embellish and present the product while creating a ‘Digital 4.0 experience’’ type of atmosphere by displaying content that would fit perfectly the rest of the shop design.

The client would advertise products and news about the brand in a very soft and non-aggressive style.

The brief was simple and straightforward:

‘What is the best product to create a wahou effect and encourages customers to stay longer in their store.

They also wanted to set themselves apart from all the ‘Deja vu’ luxury concept store.


Street Co’ has provided the full turn-key solution by being involved in:

  • Consultation on finding the best-suited hardware that fits both budget and end-customer requirements
  • Engineering of the installation
  • Logistic, transportation and planning
  • On-site installation
  • Programming

We have taken the bigger curved angle of the furniture and built a prototype to test the feasibility of the product for the customer.

The full project would be 20 sqm.

Materials & laboUr

I Series P5.2 Interactive LED Floor 5.2mm

  • Cabinet size: 500mm*500mm*82mm
  • Cabinet qty: 80pcs
  • I Series P5.2mm LED floor
  • Pixel Pitch: 5.2mm
  • LED Config: SMD1921(Nationstar,Gold)
  • Brightness: ≥3000cd/m²
  • Refresh rate: 1,920HZ(MBI5051B)
  • Scan rate: 1/8
  • Total of 20 sqm
  • We used 13 circuits lines
  • 2 Signal input: One working as back up and one as the main signal
  • The control system uses a Nova VX6S
  • LED Model Goldenwire
  • 920k px

The following steps took place:

  1. Design construction plans of the product and installation system/solution. Our team of LED product designers and engineers came up with stability calculations, 3D model, execution drawings and few safe and convenient options based on the ceiling structure.
  2. Design of the fixture solution system that takes into account the weight of the LED and the capability of the furniture
  3. LED modules manufacturing. The modules will be specifically designed and manufactured for the furniture.
  4. Pre-assembly of LED modules at the warehouse
  5. Test in warehouse
  6. Product and solution adjustment if necessary
  7. Production and manufacturing
  8. Transport and delivery onsite
  9. On-site installation

It took 3 days to install the prototype screen with a crew of 3 staff.


The challenges were mainly for the installation, including

  • Alignment
  • Integration of the modules
  • Size of the cabinet
During this installation, we faced a problem with the led floor interactive because it was irregular. In addition, another installation had been done previously, which also complicated the installation of the interactive led floor. We had to put resin or carpet in order to camouflage the unevenness of the floor and obtain a successful final installation.


With the installation of this new interactive LED floor, this store will make it easier to attract customers. It also allowed to digitalize their store. Moreover, entertain them with unique content created especially for the store, create a “wow” effect and encourage people to stay longer and play with this new technology LED.


  • Engineering CAD / 3D / Solid works
  • Installation
  • Prototyping
  • Interior Design
  • Technology System Design
  • Revenue & Sales Strategy
  • User Experience


  • Date: 2021

  • Location: Milano, Italy

  • Status: COMPLETED

  • Client: ZAPPOS

  • Team: Street Co’ Paris + Street Co’ Shenzhen


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