LED display strips into architectural artistic structure in Burning Man

    LED display strips into architectural artistic structure in Burning Man

    We’re proud to introduce one of te latest project we have been involved in: The world-famous festival Burning Man asked us and our very talented architect, Arthur Mamou-Mani, to design and create a piece of art to bring to the playa. We spent an entire building week in the Nevada Desert, putting together the Tangential Dreams sculpture, in order to offer a very specific TangentialDreams BurningMan Atristic Structure FlexibleLED Nightexperience to the burners. Tangential Dreams is a climbable sinuous tower made from off-the-shelf timber and digitally designed via algorithmic rules. One thousand “tangent” and light wooden pieces, stenciled with inspiring sentences, are strongly held in position by a helicoid sub-structure rotating along a central spine which also forms a safe staircase to climb on. The piece attempts to maximize an inexpensive material by using the output of an algorithm – (the value of the piece being the mathematics behind it, as well as the experience, not the materials being used). Each side of the Tangent were lighted with one LED strip of 30mm Pitch, with full color. We have created 18 programs to enable to light this gorgeous structure in the most sexy and effective way. The structure was composed as :

    • 3meters length/deck
    • 27 stripes/deck
    • A pitch of 30mm
    • Full color
    • IP67 water proof
    • Milky White silicon Tube
    • 16 lightning programs
    • 108 stripes
    • 60 LEDs/meter
    • 324 meters pf LED stripes
    • Program Software designed on flash

    On a specific controler to enable to easily control each lighting program trough a remote controler. The audience was able to read the poetry and philosophy delicately stenciled on each tangents coming from the Burners’ community itself via the crowdfunding campaign that allowed this dream to become true !

    Press: Dezeen, Vice, Architizer, DailyMirror, The Coolist, AzureMag, Forbes, Archdaily, 3ders.org, 3Dprint.com, Design Exchange


    Special thanks to the building team : Arthur Mamou-Mani, Maialen Calleja, Philip Olivier, Eira Mooney, Aaron Porterfield, Antony Dobrzensky, Laura Nica, Karina Pitis, Hamish Macpherson, Jon Goodbun, Yannick Yamanga, Matthew Springer, Joshua NG, Lola Chaine, Dror BenHay, Junbing Jiang, Knaan Kirshenbaum, Charlotte Chambers, Michael DiCarlo, Sandy Kwan, Solomon Ebere, Regan Parrish.




    Learn more about Tangential Dreams here !