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New LED stairs for Printemps

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Apart from the Eifel Tower, another iconic name that resonates with France or the French for that matter is the French Department store chain, Printemps. Printemps is French for ‘spring’ and the company was the brainchild of Jules Jaluzot & Jean Alfred Duclos established more than a century ago in 1865. Over the years Printemps has played a unique role in the evolution of retail store trends for numerous reasons. Among these reasons include the strategic marketing tactic employed by the store to use ‘economies of scale’ in order to bring high end goods to the French middle class which was rapidly growing during that time. Ready to discover the new LED stairs with led display pixel pitch for Printemps.

The store was also the first ‘store’ to install elevators and use electricity which was a novelty back in the late 18th. Another unique factor about this store is their boldness towards adding elements of creative nature for aesthetic purposes within its walls simply because it made people feel good to just visit the store even if they did not intend to buy anything. This tradition of making the store itself an attraction has been kept alive and through the years which were a driving factor behind bold façade redesigns, unique architecture and walls adorned with unique and exclusive artwork.

New LED stairs for Printemps


The latest addition to their arsenal of attractions includes a captivating staircase fitted with LED lights located right in the centre of the store. This new LED stair is indeed a visually mesmeric sight based on the fact that the entire stairway has been turned into a screen that displays a variety of visuals that interchange constantly. Creativity such as this, however, could be expected from the company

that was hired to pull off this incredible feat which was Street Communication. It is the same company that was involved in the Adidas Boost Experience and the Volkswagen Car Showcase at the Barcelona Airport. As a matter of fact (according to reliable sources) Printemps had been so satisfied with the staircase that they have proposed another idea which also involves the same company.


In-Store Marketing Trends


Printemps great idea : LED display

Marketing is indeed a vital aspect of any business and the primary objective of marketing is to create awareness and simultaneously ‘attract’ the attention of the masses. With regards to this, the use of a tactic commonly referred to as the ‘pull marketing strategy’ is standard and Printemps has managed to achieve this ‘pull’ via the use of digital visuals quite effectively. Adorning walls with art or building props are things of the past that current day shoppers often ignore simply because they have probably seen better props on social media sites such as YouTube.

Everybody eventually get tired of props, props lose their attractiveness after a certain amount of time unlike digital LED displays pixel pitch that are able to present different sets of visuals before visitors get tired of it. Visuals could be loaded by the thousands depending on memory size allowing a significant number of display sequences to be projected reducing the probability of shoppers seeing the same visual twice.

Different companies/ brands rely on different LED strategies, for example, The Adidas Boost experience went to the extent of using LED display technology that was interactive which allow shoppers to actually test products in an interactive virtual environment. Printemps, on the other hand, used the ‘big, loud and proud’ strategy by turning the entire stairwell into a giant seamless screen which had the desired impact on shoppers, shoppers will remember Printemps.

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Technical Aspects of the new LED Design Staircase

at Printemps


LED display install…

What makes the staircase at Printemps as fascinating as it looks is not a mystery. First and foremost it involves using LED displays that have the right pixel pitch which ensures visuals are crisp and clear. Pixel pitch and viewing distance is a balance that is critical for creating the perfect visual displays, nevertheless, this factor is very much dependent on budgets. Having higher pixel pitch sizes would be cheaper, but it would also make visuals look uninteresting due to graininess (low resolution) and whilst small pixel sizes give higher resolution they also cost much more. Street Communication installed LED displays that had pitch 2.6 mm for the staircase at Printemps which was perfect for viewing from close distances. The creativeness of the visuals or graphics displays that were projected on the well-designed LED stairs did the rest of the work.


… in Printemps Louvre

Other elements apart from the pixel pitch 2.6 mm that also played a role included the flexibility of the LED displays used, the video controllers and the sheer robustness of the cabinets that encapsulated the screens fitted on the staircase. Among the reasons behind the popularity of LED displays is their flexibility, LEDs are so flexible that the screens could be fitted into any given space regardless of the size or the shape of the area, which was of course a critical success factor for the project.

The video controller unit used by Street Communication also played an integral role in ensuring that the visuals that appeared on the LED display screens appeared smooth in transition and projected without ‘flicker issues’. The robustness of these screens (could you imagine walking on your flat screen TV), was undoubtedly also important and to accomplish this, the technicians used special cabinets or ‘housings’ that were built to withstand wear and tear and keep the LED displays safe for a substantial amount of time.

The Result

The LED Stairs did more than just make heads turn, it made people stop and admire it for a significant amount of time, which means that the objectives of the LED staircase was achieved. Those who visited Printemps will definitely not forget the LED stairway. As mentioned earlier, LED displays and LED interactive displays are quickly becoming a major marketing trend among big brands that have found different methods of using LEDs to achieve their marketing objectives.

To put matters into perspective, the simple truth is that, if LED displays are good enough for global brands such as Adidas, Volkswagen and Printemps France, it is good enough for any other brand, new, old, big and small. The most important thing is obviously getting the right people to do it and in the case of Adidas, Volkswagen and Printemps France it was Street Communication, based on the fact that they pulled it off without skipping a beat!

New LED stairs: How it works?

This is the design of the led stairs. See how it works, how the technicians managed the led stairs. Street Communication used the flexible LED to manage easily each stairs for Printemps. The particularity is that flexible LED is obviously flexible but also very light and provide an impressive resolution.

Technical Terms













IP RATING (Front/Rear)






500 x 500

192 x 192

25 kg/sqm

Max : 960 W/sqm – Average : 320 W/sqm


16 bits

160° / 160°

IP31 / IP31

25 KG