LED cylinder, flexible LED and fixed LED display screen options for a stand

    Street communication does not only design and sell large and custom LED displays, we can also imagine and design incredible agencements of LED screens for stands, or corners, for your company, and give you the best visibility you can get to stand out in exhibitions, malls, duty free zones, or others.

    Here, Octapharma approached us with the need of a very modern and original corner for a medical fair ( exhibition ).

    Our design team created several options from scratch. They though of a “rounded” stand, with a column that would display informations and around which the stand would articulate, allowing passers to evolve freely in the stand, and to have a look straightly to the part that attracts them. The shape of the stand allows a fluid navigation of people and a 360° information displaying.

    This places features 12 long flexible LED screens of 22 square meters and with a pixel pitch of 4mm, 4 long fixed LED screens of 12 square meters and with a pixel pitch of 5.2mm, and one large flexible LED “donut”, placed above the stand, of 57 square meters and with a pixel pitch of 4.8 mm. In total, the team proposed to use 91 square meters of LED display, fixed and flexible, with various pixel pitch from 4mm to 5.2mm, which display a high quality image, even from a close distance. We used special LED displays for stand, that have an important brightness as well as a good time resistance

    See our proposal above, and get yours here !


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