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LED Columns & the ‘Bling’ Factor

LED COLUMNS THE 'Bling' Factor

LED columns are quickly becoming a trendy element at popular malls and other attractions mainly because of the level of flexibility that LED columns have to offer. Regardless of what the pixel pitch size requirement is, the shape of the column, its size or surface dimensions, LED column ‘literally covers them’. The versatility of LED columns is most obvious at two of the most popular malls in Russia (Rive Gauche’s store, St Petersburg, Russia is one of them) as well as one in Dubai Mango Outlet (projects that were directly managed by Street Communication)..

LED flexible column curved display

These columns did not just vary in terms of shape and size (height), but were also uniquely shaped. Other ‘venues’ that are suitable for LED Column installations include airports, museums and arcades and the reason as to why these LED columns have practical applications to almost any venue is due to the projections. Clients are able to project just about anything they intend to project on these screens according to the themes that they are promoting.

Different types of shape you can give to your column

Column deconstructed LED curved

Column screens are able to project videos (fashion videos, product advertisements and promotional videos), graphic vectors or even just plain text at the desired levels of resolution. In other words, just like most other products, customers are able to choose their content and the results are ‘rest assured’ very impressive.

Among the more mesmerising products include the LED flexible column curved display units installed at airports. These displays project a pixel pitch size of 2.6 mm which offers the perfect resolution for viewers viewing the column from a distance of about 2 meters. As a matter of fact, most of these columns constructed are with a pixel itch size of 2.6mm although this is not a ‘fixed’ configuration. Clients are able to choose the pixel pitch sizes according to their needs. However, hiring the right people for the right job is critical to the success of LED Columns and based on the current ‘industry scenario’ there are no other players that are able to match the prowess of those in Street Communication.

This company has the knack to make whatever clients imagine ‘come true’ which is a distinct advantage for them. The level of creativity executed by these wizards at Street Communication is simply immaculate. The creative effects are captivating and the creative shapes are breath-taking to say the least. Just about any project criterion pitched by clients ranging from the LED design, resolution, graphics and space dimensions are ‘taken by the horns and wrestled to the ground’ by Street Communication. They make it a point to let their clients know that anything that the clients are able to think off, they are able to conjure.

They even create ‘deconstructed column LED screens’ which are basically fixtures on columns that make the column ‘not look like a column’ and make it seem to be a dedicated fixture for the purpose of what is displayed.

Key Takeaways

The quite obvious fact as to why columns are a good space to prop up LEDs is due to how it attracts people around it. If one is to observe the behaviour of people, people are automatically drawn to columns in buildings similar to how people move towards trees to rest. This makes the column the perfect place to ‘reveal information’ that would have a positive impact on the business.

Apart from that, the fact that these displays could project practically anything, columns also have the potential for monetisation and generate revenue for the venue. By allowing business owners to advertise their products and services on these columns which are manageable in-house, the venue would, in essence, support the traders that operate within its walls.

Well, since then columns have moved on from being a tool for Samson to be rid of his enemies into a commercial tool for attracting and informing people, it would be safe to say that the column has come a long way. Whatever it is, what is most important here is the fact that whatever placed on a column, people notice it and how much attention they pay to it is dependent on how attractive it is!

Technical Terms


3D Mapping

This means that regardless of pixel pitch whether 20mm or 20mm, the size and shape of the space that the arch needs to be installed, it could be done. The DVI card coupled with full colour control card used for arches ensures that the qualities of visuals projected are crisp. The Adidas Boost Experience and the LED stairway at Printemps are some of the elements that could be incorporated into arch design easily. It has been well over 2000 years since we first discovered arches and our fascination with arches has not diminished. It looks like the aesthetics of arches will remain the cornerstone of designs for as long as humans build and create

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