LED Circle Display Chicago

    LED Circle display chicago exploded view

    Norgine, a medical company, approached us with a brand new project.They needed to create a stand for a big event they were attending to, the DDW 2017, one of the most important medical event of the year.

    Norgine needed something modern and creative to attract people’s attention, and to stand out from the crowd of people, and other medical stands that also use banners, LED displays, flyers and showcases. In collaboration with the company and our designer team, we decided to create a large LED circle display.

    LED Circle display chicago isometric view
    Indeed, the circle shape of the screen allows passers-by to see the displayed video from any angle. We decided to mount this circle on metallic chains so we could lift up and down the LED screen, finding out that height is the best suitable solution to reach a wider range of people, by also creating a movement which attracts even more passers.
    To create this perfect circle, we used Flexible LED panels, that can, when they are fixed together, create curved shapes without any gaps between the modules. The screen is perfectly smooth and displays a high quality of image.

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