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LED Ceillings


The World above Us: LED Ceilings

Light has always been denoted as an element that comes from above. The sun, the moon and the stars emit light upon us when we are outdoors where the sky above us becomes our ceiling. In contrast, when we are indoors electric bulbs, fluorescent tubes, assorted lamps and chandeliers among others take on the role of the sun, moon and stars when it comes to indoor ceilings. For some reason, humans are ‘hardwired’ towards being aware of what is above them based on the light ambience that is shattered around them. This is probably due to the fact that humans have been dependent on sufficient light to do what they had to do in order to survive.

The moment humans mastered fire, they were able to illuminate their surroundings and it did not take them long to figure out that in order to have more light they had to keep fires burning above their heads which lead them to invent torches, subsequently oil lamps and candles. Candles paved the way for humans to illuminate the ceilings of their abodes and as architecture evolved, ceilings became a crucial element towards contributing to the aesthetics of a building. Things have not changed much from that aspect as even to this very day, when we walk into a venue, regardless if it is a house or a large shopping mall, our eyes automatically stray to the ceilings.

What we see above our heads in these venues instantly provide us with a summation of what the venue is all about. It is due to this reason that the type of lighting installed indoors is given serious consideration by those who are ‘in the know’ of its implications. High strung chandeliers splitting light with its crystals indicate ‘classiness’ or ‘panache’, while brightly lit colourful ceilings with different light shades at a mall go quite far in setting the mood for shoppers. In the current age of digital technology, LED light fittings for ceilings are rapidly changing and augmenting ‘the look’ of ceilings everywhere!

An Overview of LED Ceilings

LED lights have evolved tremendously over the years starting off as blinkers in electric appliances and advertising displays before moving on to becoming computer monitors and full-scale gigantic screens with high resolutions. LED screens are found everywhere ranging from floors, stand-alone pieces, wall mounting, and column wraps right up to LED ceilings. Just walk into the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam and look up in certain places and one would be able to see and experience the aesthetic impact of LED ceilings first hand. These ceilings which come with different configurations according to specific requirements are also extremely flexible and versatile that fits into ceilings of practically any shape or size. The specifications depending on resolution, viewing angle and pixel pitch sizes are all customisable.

This makes LED ceilings practical for just about anything and everything, meaning it has the potential as an advertising tool that promotes in-house businesses, a revenue generator to run advertisements or simply to enhance the ambience of a given venue. LED Ceilings have a particular ‘pull factor’ that draws the attention of customers automatically and never fails to hold their gaze for a significant amount of time mainly due to the ‘creative effects’ on display. At a pixel pitch size of just 3.0mm and a ceiling that is about 15 meters high, the view can be utterly tantalising, to say the least. Clever and creative graphics or interesting videos linked to high-performance video controller cards do the rest of the work of maintaining ambience at a level that is difficult to describe

Brief of Industry Leader: Street Communication

Among the numerous industry players in the market that supply a motley range of LED products, one name constantly stands out and that is Street Communication. This company basically owes its success to its highly competent crew who are both technically and creatively sound. These guys do not take ‘NO’ for an answer, whatever clients ask for, regardless of how impossible it seems, the LED wizards always seem to manage to pull the job off without skipping a beat. Whatever type of ceiling that you may have is immaterial and not seen as an obstacle by Street Communication, they see it as an adventure!

Whatever projects the client tosses at them; they gobble it up whole and get the job done. This is because some of their LED ceiling projects involved curved sloped ceilings that were oddly shaped and Street Communication was able to turn what most would view as a challenge into an advantage resulting in awesome results that were way beyond the expectations of most of their clients

LED Ceilings: The Augmentation of Interior Designs

In essence, all elements related to light mostly involve whatever that is above our heads and the inclusion of LED technology into ceiling displays which also provide ambient light is changing the ‘playing field’ of interior designers all over the world. Given the fact that LED ceiling displays are not just flexible, versatile and robust, but also contributes enormously to the aesthetics of indoor spaces, the possibilities for decor becomes infinite.

Having a LED ceiling means that one is able to project just about anything one desires over their heads. This is simply because of the fact that the displays on these LED ceiling fittings could range from perfect blue skies, cut-offs of a beautiful forest canopy, the Andromeda galaxy right up to a cloudless night sky anchored to a bright beautiful moon twice its size with Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn clearly visible in the background.

It is obvious that LED ceilings have a lot to offer for almost any kind of venue regardless if it is just a bedroom, living room an arcade, a discotheque or a shopping mall simply because it is akin us being in control of how the sky above us look. Even if it was gloomy or rainy outside, one would be able to have beautiful blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds indoors – it is magical, to say the least

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