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LED flexible ceiling

LED flexible ceiling

Flexible LED strips on ceiling for CC Granada, shopping mall

The huge mall Granada Center, in Spain, contacted us at Street Co’ with the project of enhancing their mall’s interior with innovative and creative LED displays, in order to attract passers attention and give the place a futuristic dimension. They didn’t have the design touch to deliver custom LED with a sensational effect that take into account the surrounding and environment of the mall.


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Flexible, Bendable and Curved LED Screen for Schiphol airport Amsterdam

Beam system and Lagardere have requested Street Communication to construct and install a flexible LED display with a pixel pitch of 4mm for the Schiphol Amsterdam airport.

  • 8 Sq/m for the circle column LED
  • 8 Sq/m for the ceiling

The customer wanted a bespoke and innovative design, and Street Communication’s designers and engineering team have worked hard to design a ceiling and column with an amazing visual effect.

This project was challenging in terms of engineering and installation; however, our team was perfectly tailored to take on the challenge.

Our team has lots of experience in fitting and designing custom LED displays with innovative shapes.

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Final result LED screen display flexible bendable column ceiling

top ceiling LED

Top ceiling LED

Architectural LED Ceiling Curtain

Located in Zhengzhou HuiYi Times square, invested by HuiYi group, this project covered 1100 meters squared and is the only giant irregular LED ceiling curtain with multi-surfaces in china. It is 15 to 23 meters tall and its surface is in an irregular wavy design which was inspired by the Goddess loss flying ribbon from heaven.

This architectural LED ceiling curtain is one of the most advance in the industry with 60% lower energy consumption , 60% lighter in weight with as high as 60% transparency. The Architecture ceiling curtain can be customized for many shapes and designs and scale, making it perfect for Large grand scale projects. With 16mm small pixels, muilti colour LEDs and perfect sound can create quite the dynamic effect.

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