Small and ultra fine pitch resolution Ceiling LED screen small pitch display

LED Ceiling LED screen small pitch display presentation

  • Architectural LED Curtain Ceiling Display is ideal for open spaces that are looking for an architectural touch to any environment.
    LED screens on ceilings is an unusual thing, we are used too see them on walls, showcases, but rarely above our heads. As for LED interactive floors, LED curtain ceilings are one innovative and futuristic solution to stand out. By day and night, this LED curtain Ceiling will light up the ceiling of your location and attract passers’ attention. Their brightness will captivate any eye and bring a “wow factor” to any of your project.
  • The major advantage of our Small pitch LED Display is its light weight, thinness, high permeation ratio and its easy way to install.
    Our Small pitch LED Display product series adopts our self-developed bare die chip driver IC and light emitting chip that uses micron-grade light source. We install components on PCB board with high transparent rate. Through specially designed solid glue, the whole display unit is integrated into an optical lens base board, with a minimum thickness of less than 1mm-3mm.


Ceiling LED screen small pitch assembled display

Stand out from above with our LED Ceiling screen Displays !

Ceiling LED video display is a huge full color LED display installed in the ceiling of indoor and outdoor commercial street, integrating sound, light to create a fantastic full immersive effect.

Street Co’s Ceiling LED video display adopts high-quality LED lamps, achieving high brightness and rich colors.

It is the perfect new and intuitive LED screen display design, perfect for making big statements in large spaces like :

  • Shopping centers
  • Cinemas
  • Airports
  • Bars
  • Exhibitions
  • …and so on to get eye-catching results.

Advantages :

  • The energy consumption of LED is lower than projection and LCD screen, and it’s still clearly visible with high brightness even directly under sunlight.
  • Transparent LED modular design and simple structure make it more clear and transparent.
  • Based on the most proper pixel pitch, standard modules can be assembled into display in diverse sizes.
  • With light and slim design, the screen looks compact and will save transportation and storage cost.
  • Our interactive LED panels have simultaneous high-resolution systems with pitch

LED screen LED ceiling display flower